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#BookReview of #StageCall by Anne Coates @Anne_Coates1 @RedDogTweets #RedDogPress #BookTours #ZooloosBookDiaryStage Call by Anne Coates
Series: Hannah Weybridge #5
Published by Red Dog Press on 16 January 2022
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Also by this author: Dancers in the Wind, Dancers in the Wind, Death's Silent Judgement, Songs of Innocence, A Tale of Two Sisters, Perdition's Child

At the Old Vic, one of London’s most iconic theatres, the stage is set for one of our national treasures to tread the boards in a new, sell-out play. Joan Ballantyne, now in her sixties, has attracted a new fan base with her role in an award-winning soap, Chicory Road, and they’ve turned out in force. As the curtain rises, it reveals the strangely still body of the leading lady, slumped in an armchair. The show will not go on…

Still recovering from the attempt on her life, Hannah Weybridge is stunned. She had been collaborating with the actress on her memoir. Now she has to contribute to her obituary. Suicide is suspected, but Hannah, from the little she knows of the woman, is sceptical. As is Joan’s son, the famous TV actor, Leo Hawkins, who implores Hannah to investigate the circumstances of his mother’s mysterious death.

Hannah is drawn into the lives of those who knew Joan. But who can she trust in a world where everyone seems to be playing a part?

Happy Paperback and Hardback Publication Day Anne!

Well, it’s the 5th yes 5th book in the Hannah Weybridge series, and what a series it has been!!

I felt like there was a different feel to the book and it had been a while since I have caught up with Hannah, so a lot of the past events I couldn’t remember. I was wracking my brains with some references, but in the end, I just read the story without worrying. You can read this book as a standalone but I wouldn’t, I would read the series.

It was nice to see Hannah take a different take on life and help to write someone’s memoir instead of getting herself into trouble…well…this is Hannah!!

The only thing that did annoy me with Hannah, is that she didn’t appreciate being photographed without her knowledge and being spied on….but then she did the exact same thing! Tsk Tsk

It was nice to see the characters from previous instalments and as much as I am still disappointed in Tom, I liked Leo as a new character, hopefully, he will be there in the next one. I loved Janet and Claudia’s side stories, they put a smile on my face!

I always love getting lost in a story by Anne, she has created this world that is dark, and gritty and where you are forever rooting for the good guys. I have said it before and will say it again, I love the fact that these are set in the 90s and everything is done old school. Just makes me smile, something about the innocence of it all. Please keep writing more Hannah!!!

Until next time xxx

About Anne Coates

I love reading and the type of fiction I write is what I like to read. So my very short stories are often tales with a twist and the longer ones explore relationships – often within a family. Most of these stories were published first in Bella, Candis and other magazines and now appear in two collections published by Endeavour Press.

My debut thriller, “Dancers in the Wind”, was published by Urbane Publications in October 2016. This book is a result of an interview I did for a national newspaper and afterwards I thought “What if…” and so Hannah Weybridge came into existence and she continues her life in “Death’s Silent Judgement” published in May 2017 and “Songs of Innocence” (May 2018) again by Urbane Publications. The fourth book in the series, “Perdition’s Child” will be published in March 2020. You can find out more about my writing at www.annecoatesauthor.com

Journalism has led me into diverse fields from human interest stories to health and beauty to travel and parenting and so just over seven years ago I founded the website: www.parentingwithouttears.com writing about what inspires (or upsets) me and hosting articles and reviews by other writers and parents. This led to two parenting guides again published by Endeavour Press.

Before that I had written three books (two for Wayland) including “Your Only Child” (Bloomsbury) plus two books about applying to and surviving university published by Need to Know.

I live in SE London with three demanding cats and enjoy going to the theatre and cinema and socialising with friends. You can find out more about the parenting website on twitter @ParentingWT or more about what I am up to @Anne_Coates1

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  1. Somehow I’ve stopped reading dark pretty books but I like the way the main character clicked pics of everyone else when she disliked it. Fun review