#BookReview of Talented by Debbie Civil @debbiecivil @SagesBlogTours

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#BookReview of Talented by Debbie Civil @debbiecivil @SagesBlogTours

Talented by Debbie Civil
Series: Talented #1
Published by Amazon Digital Services on August 7 2018
Pages: 72
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We are talented, and our duty is to protect the town of Westgrove from a destructive enemy. For two years we have been hunting THEM. That’s right, we don’t know the name of our enemy. All we know is that human energy makes them stronger. So, we’ve spent our time patrolling heavily populated areas, to ensure the safety of our town. During a party in a secluded cabin, everything changes. A human is murdered, and our friends are dragged into the war to protect our territory. More complications arise when a keeper visits Westgrove and informs us of the council’s expectations. Will we obey or go rogue?

My Review

This novella is the first in a series called the Talented! Like most novellas, it is a rip-roaring journey in the book and things escalate quickly!

There is a lot going on in the story, I had to read a couple of passages more than once at times because I got a bit confused with all the characters and who knew what. The talents that the team have and how the powers work among other things took a bit of time for me to catch up with the book.

What we do learn though is Reginald and his trio of friends are still grieving from a friends’ death at the hands of “Them”. But who is Them? This foursome is known as the Talented to fight “Them”. What makes them special is they are blind. However, they have “talents” to help them in the war that seems to be brewing.

The story is told from alternating chapters by Reginald and Sophia with the sense of a new romance brewing. However, with that sudden ending, it leaves the reader want to pick up the next book in the series.

After only 72 pages I am invested in finding out what is going to happen. To learn more about the mysterious council and about the battle with “Them” so much so I have the next book already in my Kindle Unlimited library!

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About Debbie Civil

My name is Debbie Civil and I’m from Brockton Massachusetts. The most important detail about me is that I love literature. In a perfect world, I would live in a library and have unlimited access to tons of novels. I would also include my lucky laptop in the deal, so that I could write adventures. I graduated from Eastern Nazarene College with a degree in child and adolescent psychology. My novels focus on the inner turmoil of young adults. I love to write stories about young love and the challenges that the teen couple will face. I also love writing fantasy novels. Aside from reading and writing, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my cat Charlie.

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