#BookReview of Tell Me No Lies by Alex Sinclair @ASinclairAuthor @nholten40 @bookouture #TellMeNoLies #NetGalley

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#BookReview of Tell Me No Lies by Alex Sinclair @ASinclairAuthor @nholten40 @bookouture #TellMeNoLies #NetGalley

Tell Me No Lies by Alex Sinclair
Published by Bookouture on October 25 2018
Genres: Thriller, Suspense
Pages: 281
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Also by this author: The Day I Lost You, He's At Your Door

How well do you really know your husband? Grace Dalton is trying to put her life back together after her husband John died suddenly in a hit and run. Her perfect world is collapsing around her, the home she hoped to fill with children is huge and empty, and she’s paralysed with grief.

But as Grace sorts through her husband’s belongings, she realises the man she loved was lying to her. There’s a mysterious list of names hidden among his things, a secret bank account, and a shocking revelation about his family that he kept from her since the day they met.

Who was John Dalton?

As Grace tries to identify the names on the list she realises something is wrong. She’s imagining things: seeing John in the faces of strangers and finding things in an entirely different place to where she’d swear she left them.

Is Grace losing her grasp on reality, or is someone trying to stop her finding out the truth about her husband?

A gripping psychological thriller that will have you questioning everything you think you know. If you enjoyed The Wife Between Us, The Girl on the Train or Behind Closed Doors, you’ll love this book!

What readers are saying about Alex Sinclair: ‘I devoured this book in one sitting… What a bloody book! I had been wondering what the twist would be. Jesus!!! I am still reeling… I am in shock, I am not sure when I will be out of it. I sat in the car in a stunned silence and then for about five minutes kept saying What the hell!’ Zooloo’s Book Blog, 5 stars

When I saw that Mr Sinclair had another book tour coming up, well it would be rude to say no, especially as the whole world and it’s wife knew how much I LOVED The day I lost you. Incase you don’t know, see my review here

I was really excited to read this book, it is not as fast paced as his previous book. This is a really slow burner and it definitely needs to be because you have so much information, and doubt to be formed in your mind for this to play out. Following the weeks after Grace loses her husband John, and dealing with her loss,  whilst at the same time learning of the last day they spent together.  

We open to the  happy couple walking home from the dinner, Grace with a takeaway coffee, John slightly distracted on the phone and BAM he is knocked down by a hit and run!  Well hello that was quite a devasting way to start a book! 

Life as Grace knows it unravels. Secrets unravelled but not just John’s, we learn that Grace too has secrets that she had been keeping from us, the happy little life we thought she had was not necessarily true.

And then BAM again! That ending! Before I had a chance to get my head around it, it was over! Seriously! What are you doing to me!! How did we get to A – B? I was blindsighted and it was over so quickly. I still can’t get my head round A-B?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? The actions and reasonings, I mean MAN!!!!! I had my own theories going on, but I didn’t come close this time with this time! 

Again, Alex somehow has got into a woman’s psyche and depicted her in a way where I thought I would probably act! Ok, some of her actions annoyed the hell out of me in the “then” chapters as I don’t think I would have acted like it, I think I would questioning everything not playing the happy dutiful wife, but then I don’t know when to stop! But in the “now” chapters, I probably would act as she had, maybe with the same amount of crazy town. 

I don’t think this book is as strong as The Day I lost you, (that was one intense OMFG journey!) but I still found myself flitting through the pages at such speed to find out what was going on and whether Grace was really just crazy! I still loved reading this book, because I love Alex’s writing! I could lose myself in his books and never get bored. 

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About Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair is a thirty-two-year-old psychological thriller author from a
quiet country town outside of Melbourne, Australia. He currently works
full-time for a small business and writes in the early hours of the morning
before his daughter and wife wake up for the day.
Alex has a background in IT, bookkeeping, and 3D animation. He loves
all things creative but especially loves writing. He is an avid reader of all
genres, but loves psychological thrillers more than anything else. He
also has a passion for good storytelling in all forms of media such as
addictive TV shows and movies.

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