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#BookReview of The Drowning Girls by Lisa Regan @Lisalregan @Bookouture @NHolten40 #BooksOnTour #TheDrowningGirls #ZooloosBookDiaryThe Drowning Girls by Lisa Regan
Series: Detective Josie Quinn #13
Published by Bookouture on December 10, 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley
Pages: 391
Also by this author: Her Mother's Grave, Her Final Confession, The Bones She Buried , Her Silent Cry, Cold Heart Creek, Find Her Alive, Save Her Soul, Breathe Your Last, Hush Little Girl, Her Deadly Touch, Watch Her Disappear

In the thin glow of moonlight, a mess of auburn curls gleams against the rocks. A girl’s pale hand reaches from a cleft in the boulders, waving weakly. But it’s too late. A wall of raging white water crashes down, swallowing her whole…

A knock on the door late in the evening can only mean trouble for Detective Josie Quinn, but fear chokes her at the news that one of her own team is missing. No one has seen Denton PD’s Press Liaison Amber for days and, as she follows the message scrawled on the frosted windscreen of Amber’s car to a nearby dam, Josie hears a piercing scream that tells her she’s too late. But the body they pull from the freezing water is not Amber…

Josie won’t sleep until she finds a name for the beautiful girl left to drown, and the meaning of the numbers scribbled in a tattered pink diary found on Amber’s desk. She must stay strong and focused for her close-knit team. But as rumors of an argument the night Amber disappeared surface, can she even trust her own colleagues?
Cracking the cryptic numbers reveals a twisted truth about Amber’s family – did anyone really know Amber all? Finding her alive is Josie’s only chance of knowing the truth. But as a blizzard closes in, how many more precious lives will be snatched before she can?

Do you absolutely love crime thrillers that keep you up all night and leave you sleeping with the lights on? Then this gripping rollercoaster ride, perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine, will have you TOTALLY HOOKED!

I have to start my review off with a HUGEMONGOUS apology to Lisa, Bookouture and Noelle for how late my post is for this book. I could sit here and type excuses, instead, I will say sorry and share my review.

So Book 13, and WOW! This book gave me heart palpitations, it gave me chills and my GOD the red herrings that Ms Regan threw my way! Jeez, Louise! I mean it’s hard enough when one of the team goes missing but there was a MASSIVE curveball, a sleight of hand and I was panicking because my thoughts span out of control, I mean could it be THAT person that was really behind it. Ahhh!!!!!

Luckily, it was not! I know, I started my review in a cryptic manner but I had to. I don’t want to spoil anything but just had to get that off my chest.

The rest of the story, oh my! So many threads, all because of one person disappearing. So many loose threads flapping, unanswered questions, nothing tying up nicely. I could not figure out the who or the why. When I started getting a sneaky suspicion about one thing, I ended up being right, yay me! However, the way we got that information was heartbreaking, again yes cryptic.

I love being with Josie and the team. What I also love about this team and this series is, there is always a book hangover from the previous case. We are still bearing the weight from the previous two books, the grief is overwhelming for Josie still, it takes time to heal. I love the fact, the realism of this is shown in the books. Yes, Josie is functioning day to day, but the weight of her grief is palpable when she is alone.

This case is a tough one for the team, as it is someone in the team, that is always hard. But when there is a relationship involved, things are about to get even harder. What made it more fascinating is that it is Amber, a relative newbie in the team, who is thrown in the spotlight as we learn the horrors of her growing up, which I did not expect at all. When you read things like this, you just want to jump into the book and give that character a hug and be there for them. So strong was my will to do that.

It wouldn’t be a review without mentioning Harrison, what a gorgeous boy and the way he honours the memories of the passed was just beautiful. It reminded you of the love and innocence of the boy and the family.

In each book, I am sucked into Regan’s little corner of the world and I can not leave until Josie and the team have solved the case. It weighs heavily on your mind until we get a resolution as if we were actually part of the team. It is an intrinsic and cleverly woven tale, one that had me scratching my head to how they will solve this and if the resolution would something that we could handle.

Each time I read one of Lisa’s books I am gutted it’s over because now I have a ridiculously long wait until the next one!

Until the next time xxx

About Lisa Regan

Lisa Regan is an Amazon bestselling crime novelist. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University. She is a member of Sisters In Crime, Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter. Find out more at her website: www.lisaregan.com

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