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#BookReview of The Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty @NikkiM3 @sriya__v @PenguinUKBooks    @MichaelJBooks #TheExGirlfriend

#BookReview of The Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty @NikkiM3 @sriya__v @PenguinUKBooks    @MichaelJBooks #TheExGirlfriendThe Ex Girlfriend by Nicola Moriarty
Published by Penguin on October 31 2019

Luke is the one. After everything she's been through, Georgia knows she deserves someone like him, to make her feel loved. Safe.

The only problem is his ex-girlfriend. Luke says Cadence is having trouble accepting their break-up, but Georgia thinks there's more to the story. She also has the feeling someone is watching her.

When everything starts to go wrong at work, at home, in her old friendships and her happy new relationship with Luke, Georgia starts to feel truly afraid.

Cadence wants what she has. What would she do to get it?

And can Georgia trust anyone at all?

My Review

OMG wow! Wow wow wow! This was one heck of a rollercoaster ride! Girl meets Boy, Girl and Boy fall in love and Boy has a crazy ex-girlfriend. That is all I am prepared to say about the book. My emotions were all over the place with The Ex Girlfriend! When Georgia was happy, I was bloody happy, when she was angry I was angry, when she didn’t have a clue what was going I had no blinking idea!

That is when things just started to go a little tiny bit crazy and that feeling, you know the one that sits in your belly telling you something isn’t quite right. Then the voice in your head whispers to you, indicating something is off. Well, that’s what happened to me! Something started to smell bad, worse than fish being left out all day and unfortunately for the characters involved well it was just too late by that point.

I did not expect the book to take the shocking twists and turns that it did and it completely kept me on my toes! I fricking love it! For me everything worked, the tension, the lies, the hysteria, even the ramped up love affair, because I think that if I was Georgia I would be acting the exact same way! I would have fallen hard and fast for the charismatic Luke, the saviour for Georgia when her Tinder date didn’t turn up. Love at first sight, not swipe! The fear that Georgia suffers is palpable on the pages, I was fraught with worry for her. Her fear and anxiety are rational, I mean if I was stalked like she was, receding the messages she was, I don’t think I would leave the house and I would become and feel isolated too.

The Ex Girlfriend is suspenseful, it’s a page-turner and I really did not want to put this book down. I flew through this book, it is a book you become so enthralled in you forget what is going on all around you. I lost an hour and a half reading the last half of this book. I picked it up and then before I knew it I had read the last line and just thought well holy moly!

It is a completely entertaining, compelling, popcorn eating book! The type of book that deserves to be made into a film. The type of book filled with romance, lust, betrayal and secrets. The type of book where you have a satisfying climactic ending, something you need to relieve yourself of that pent up tension it is crazy and so believable plus I loved the setting of Australia!

This is a winner in my eyes! I will be keeping an eye for future books by Ms Moriarty!

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About Nicola Moriarty

Nicola Moriarty lives in Sydney’s north west with her husband and two small daughters. She is the younger sister of bestselling authors Liane Moriarty and Jaclyn Moriarty. In between various career changes, becoming a mum and studying teaching at Macquarie University, she began to write. Now, she can’t seem to stop.



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