#BookReview of The Fourth Victim by John Mead @JohnMeadAuthor @rararesources

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#BookReview of The Fourth Victim by John Mead @JohnMeadAuthor @rararesources

The Fourth Victim by John Mead
Published by The Book Guild Ltd on 2018
Genres: Mystery, Crime
Pages: 200
Also by this author: The Hanging Women

Three parks, three deaths, four victims, two grieving families, one murder enquiry team and an unknown number of killers. Can an answer be found? Whitechapel is being gentrified, the many green spaces of the area, which typify London as a capital city, give the illusion of peace, tranquillity and clean air but are also places to find drug dealers, sexual encounters and murder. Detective Sergeant Julie Lukula doesn't dislike Inspector Merry but he has hardly set the world of the Murder Investigation Team East alight. And, it looked as it the inspector was already putting the death of the young female jogger, found in the park with her head bashed in, down to a mugging `gone wrong'. The victim deserved more. But the inspector isn't ruling anyone out; the evidence will, eventually, lead him to an answer...

Mr Mead, you have not let me down! After reading The Hanging Women you are my on my watchlist, and I have to snap up anything that has been written!  This book has such a hook too :

THREE deaths, TWO grieving families, ONE murder investigation team, How many KILLERS?

Wow right!! Well, you would be correct. This book sucked me in from the opening pages, and what I love about this author is he is not afraid to do the unexpected. Also, being set in Whitechapel I was sold! 

Like his previous book, (Check out my thoughts on the Hanging women), there are a lot of characters and a lot going on. So as much as I devoured the book, you do have to concentrate, but I quickly got back in the flow of Mr Mead’s writing and I found my way easily. 

When you read this book, we get an insight into everyone mind just at fleeting moments, everyone has a voice. We are also directed at the beginning to who we might suspect and a link to the victims, but is this a red herring?

I love police procedural books, I love seeing how an investigation is run, how they discover the clues and how the assumptions are made. I devour these sort of books, and this as I have said, is no different. Unfortunately, to say too much about the plot will spoil it, but I will say you feel that there is a race against time to solve this murder, albeit some people want to hide this under the carpet. 

The descriptive writing had me in the park with the police, had me sitting in the front rooms questioning people, in the police room being part of the team, I was absorbed and I lost track of time reading and next thing I knew it was midnight! This time, I enjoyed the characters especially Detective Sergeant Julie Lukula, as she is fighting for these women, working alongside Inspector Matthew Merry who is ready for just a desk job, not the best pairing, but they make it work. 

Do not go into this book thinking yes I have solved it because it is not that simple. It will leave you breathless as you race through the pages as I did. 

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*Thank you so much to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources and the author John Mead for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review*

About John Mead

John was born in the mid-fifties in Dagenham, London, on part of the largest council estate ever built, and was the first pupil from his local secondary modern school to attend university. He has now taken early retirement to write, having spent the first part of his life working in education and the public sector. He was the director of a college, a senior school inspector for a local authority, and was head of a unit for young people with physical and mental health needs. When he is not travelling, going to the theatre or the pub, he writes.
His inspiration for his debut novel came whilst attending a lecture in Denver about the history of the American midwest, describing a time and place that was very different from that espoused by popular culture, which started him thinking this would make an excellent period in which to set a crime story.
His book describes how Chicago was a prototype of much that we consider both good and bad in the current age, it had a vibrancy and decadence that allowed a few enterprising individuals to prosper whilst violence and intolerance held back many others. The situation for some African Americans and women was improving but it was still a time when to be anything other than white and male made you a second class citizen. The city was the manufacturing and transport hub of America, the vast influx of
immigrants swelling its already booming population brought great wealth but also corruption and criminality. The midwest and Chicago typified a way of life, the ‘gun culture’ which is a euphemism for individualism, from which much of modern American social values have grown.
John is currently working on a trilogy of novels set in modern day London. These police procedurals examine the darker side of modern life in the East End of the city: a Whitechapel noir

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