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The Funeral: Epilogue to 10-33 Assist PC by Desmond P. Ryan
Series: Mike O'Shea Crime Fiction #1.5
Pages: 51
Also by this author: 10-33 Assist PC, Death Before Coffee, Man At The Door

“Amore mio, Mikey,” Julia whispered. “He’s dead.” A cop is shot. A mother loses her son. A city is in mourning.What does that look like from the inside?The Funeral, a stand-alone novella or the epilogue to 10-33 Assist PC, brings us into the intimate world of those most closely affected in the days following the loss of one of their own. Written by a Real Detective, The Funeral walks us through to the end of watch in this poignant finale to a heroic life cut short in the line of duty. Real Detective. Real Crime. Fiction

My Review

I had to read this novella before I picked up Death before Coffee because I could not get over the events from the first book and I thought I would get some closure by reading this…..WRONG!

I can not talk about the story itself because it would ruin it for anyone who has not read any of the books in this series if you have not read them…please, I urge you to do so. You are seriously missing out on something special here!

Mr Ryan is a retired Detective and he knows his stuff. In this book moreso he shows the wealth of experience he has in the police force. Also, knowing how special this novella is to him and Mike’s story just made The Funeral so much more powerful and heartbreaking. I was not ready for it and I can admit that my heart broke and a few tears did fall. You can not but feel the immense emotion from all the characters in this book, not that I can name them, it is a highly emotional packed novel.

This was the perfect side ending to 10-33 Assist PC as it closed one storyline off completely. Whilst it is part of Mike’s story, this novella delves into the background workings of police funeral, from how the procession is going to go, the uniforms the force wears. It shows you how there are people there to try and arrange a funeral but then balance what the family want.

I am so happy I have discovered Mr Ryan and his musings and that I have had the chance to get to know him over the last few months. Also, if you haven’t already do check out his videos on Twitter as he gives you more of insight to him and his writing! Roll on Book three in October!!

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About Desmond P. Ryan

Very few books give you the real crime experience because even fewer authors have it.

Desmond P. Ryan has it.

For almost thirty years, he worked the back alleys, poorly-lit laneways, and forgotten neighbourhoods in the city where he grew up. Murder often most unkind, assaults on a level that defied humanity, and sexual violations intended to demean, shame, and haunt the victims were all in a day’s work. Days, evenings, midnights–all the same. Crime knows no time.

Exhilarating. Exhausting. Often heartbreaking.

Whether as a beat cop or a plainclothes detective, Desmond Ryan dealt with good people who did bad things and bad people who followed their instincts. He wrote thousands of reports describing their lives, the places they lived, and the things they did. He investigated their crimes and wrote detailed accounts of the activities that brought him into their world. Detective Ryan also held victims as they wept, talked desperate people off of ledges, and sat beside the decomposing bodies of men and women who, in life, had been discarded and long-forgotten by society.

Now, as a retired detective with three decades of research opportunities under his belt, Desmond Ryan write crime fiction.


Because he wants to tell you a story like no other. Because he wants to bring you inside a world that will both fascinate you and challenge what you thought you knew about human nature. Because he wants to seamlessly weave truth and fiction together to create a place for you where the Good Guys ultimately win.

And because you deserve to have the most authentic crime fiction experience every time you pick up one of Desmond Ryan’s books.

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