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#BookReview of The Invitation by Keris Stainton @Keris @Bookouture @nholten40

The Invitation by Keris Stainton
Published by Bookouture on June 25 2018
Pages: 242
Also by this author: The One Who's Not the One

‘I absolutely-totally-completely-bloody LOVE Keris’s books!’ The Writing Garnet When Piper James unexpectedly gets a message from her insanely hot teenage crush Rob Kingsford, inviting her to their school reunion, her heart flips. She hasn’t seen Rob in eight years – and he’s always been the one who got away.

Throw in some old friends (and frenemies), a sister on the edge of a meltdown and a few too many cosmos and you have all the ingredients for a real night to remember… Will Piper and Rob finally get together, the second time around?

A hilarious and uplifting story about conquering your demons and being true to who you are – perfect for fans of You Had Me At Hello, The List and The Best Thing I Never Had.

I loved this book. I loved the fact it was a story of a normal girl Piper, blogging about being a “fat” beautiful girl and how to love yourself. It was lovely done and the subject surrounding the blogging was wonderfully done, no fat shaming here. It was a normal story, there was no far-fetched ness about it. I felt like this could happen to one of my friends! We are introduced to Piper as she is about to appear on a morning tv show to do a debate about your well-being thanks to her blogging.  After the show, she receives loads of comments and praise (and some trolling!!!) but then a facebook message pops up, her old crush from school, Rob!

Piper has loved Rob ever since she was a teenager, hanging around the park, drinking in the pub. But tragedy struck and she literally ran away to London, away from her friends to start a new life. She is brought back home due to a sick family member and literally runs into Rob. Who in turn invites her to a school reunion. I loved reading about the reunion as it sounded just like a reunion should be, drunken debauchery and a really good time, the fears of being reunited were well played!!

I have not read anything by Keris before, but I have rectified this by putting other books on my TBR list. Keris’ writing is like you are reading a page in someone’s diary, or like talking to a friend about their weekend having a giggle and a glass of wine. So much realism, none of this crazy will she-will he, no misunderstandings. The little ‘drama’ that is in the book is done in a way where you think, hang on yes I would react like that too!

It is definitely a second chance at love story but not just for Piper.

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About Keris Stainton

Keris Stainton was born in Canada, grew up on the Wirral, lived in London for a while and now lives in Lancashire with two boys, two guinea pigs, and an unhealthy (but enjoyable) obsession with One Direction.

She’s written books for children, teenagers, and adults and can almost always be found on Twitter.

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