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#BookReview of The Patient by Jane Shemilt @JaneShemilt @RandomTTours #ThePatient #ZooloosBookToursThe Patient by Jane Shemilt
Published by HarperCollins UK on April 28, 2022
Format: Audiobook, eARC
Source: Bought, Publisher

She is his doctor.

He will be her downfall.

The bestselling phenomenon returns…

When Rachel meets Luc, the attraction is instant.

But she is a doctor, and he is her patient.

She gives him the drugs he needs – but in doing so, risks everything.

And when a secret is exposed, they’re both in the firing line.

Not all patients are telling the truth.

This is a tale that just gives you one reality and then it will turn you about 360 degrees and then you think you have it again, nope another twist is thrown in. I didn’t even bother to try and work out what was going on and just went for the ride.

I listened to the audiobook of this as well as reading it. I do love listening to books as you get a production as well as the story. I did lose a little interest halfway through because I felt the story had a lot of details that we probably didn’t need, and it made the story a little convoluted at times.

Rachel makes a mistake, she finds a patient attractive, an instant attraction. This attraction is deadly and visceral and it destroys so many people’s lives, the butterfly effect, a domino effect. It was intriguing to see the fallout and the destruction, but I wanted more about Rachel and Luc and why they loved each other so deeply. We saw them be together and then the next thing we knew they had 5 days and were going their separate ways. I wanted to actually see them together to connect with them.

I thought Rachel was reckless and I didn’t think she had much of a backbone, especially at the end, when she discovers the actual truth. She had lost her fight, I mean, yes a lot of this was her fault, but I felt she gave up and I really wanted her to fight at the end after everything that happened. She seemed really reluctant to do anything for herself until she was forced to. I can appreciate, however, that she felt this was her penance for everything, and as much as one decision did create this mess, she deserved redemption.

It is a slow burner before we get some twists and a lot of sting in the tail. They are shocking for sure! I was never quite sure who or what to believe! I mean when the fallout is kicking off and we are told a truth, it was shocking but then another truth is told and it mixed me up. I had no idea what to believe! It was a game of cat and mouse but not everyone knew they were playing.

I did enjoy the story, despite what you might think! I was fascinated by the ensemble of characters and how this tale was going to play out. It definitely makes you think before you make certain decisions in your life! How someone you think is random might be linked and the cataclysm it can cause. It definitely got me thinking and I do love a book that makes you think of the bigger picture!

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