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#BookReview of The Perfect Suitor by Cole Baxter @inkubatorbooks #ThePerfectSuitor #PublicationDay #InkubatorBooks #ColeBaxter #ZooloosBookDiaryThe Perfect Suitor by Cole Baxter
Published by Inkubator Books on March 16, 2022
Format: eARC
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Will he mend her broken heart? Or does he have a darker plan?
Three years after the tragic death of her wonderful husband, Charlene continues to mourn.
As she struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she meets Samuel. Handsome and educated, this charming man is the perfect suitor, and Charlene slowly lets her guard down and opens her heart to him.
But Samuel is not the man he appears to be. He has a dark compulsion. And an even darker secret.
When he begins acting strangely, Charlene suspects something is wrong. Her fears only grow when she notices she is being followed. Unsure whether she can really trust Samuel, Charlene takes matters into her own hands and starts to investigate.
What she finds is beyond her worst nightmares.
Will Charlene find the strength to confront the shocking truth before her life is shattered all over again?
The Perfect Suitor – the stunning psychological thriller perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, Cathryn Grant, Daniel Hurst.


This was a twisty tale with a sting at the end. I felt for Charlene, after the explosive prologue I just couldn’t see what would happen next, it was powerful and shocking and just fantastic! It drew you in straight away!

We spend a lot of time in her head, which of course, gives us that delicious unreliable narrator. She is struggling and I did feel for her, the fact she has become housebound, unable to make connections, leave the house. That building was her jail and her solitude. I did find her a bit much at times with her repetitive “moan” but to a degree I also understood it.

She has some contact with the outside world with her therapist and her online friend Selina. Both are trying to help her integrate with the world outside, nothing works, until one day…and what a day!!

From the off, I did not trust Samuel, probably comes from reading so many thrillers. I couldn’t get my head around how perfect he was and why he was so pushy when Charlene did start leaving her house. Something didn’t add up.

There were a lot of misdirections along the way, and I did love it. I wasn’t sure about one character and their involvement in all of this and then one character, I don’t know why but I just knew they were behind it all and when I found out I was right, well I cheered! Lol

It does start slow but that is because the scene is being set. As mentioned we spend a lot of time with Charlene in her head and it did slow the pace down but once we get out of her house and in the real world of money, glitz and glamour the book raced through.

I enjoyed my first outing with Cole and his book and will definitely check out whatever he has to say next!

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