#BookReview of The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @nholten40 @bookouture #recommend #mustread #DetectiveTomFabian

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#BookReview of The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @nholten40 @bookouture #recommend #mustread #DetectiveTomFabian

The Songbird Girls by Richard Parker
Series: Detective Tom Fabian #2
Published by Bookouture on December 19 2018
Genres: Mystery, Crime
Pages: 269
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Her eyes were closed. From a distance the blood around her neck might have looked like a necklace, but up close her body told a different tale. She had been murdered. A tiny songbird lay beside her, its neck broken…

Detective Tom Fabian’s past is catching up with him. It has been years since the most famous case of his career – when his evidence put infamous serial killer Christopher Wisher behind bars forever. But when Wisher summons a reluctant Fabian to his prison cell to hand over a diary, he realises that Wisher’s twisted games are far from over.

Shortly after Fabian’s visit, Wisher is found dead in his cell. And a few days later, the police find a woman's body bearing Wisher’s signature, a dead songbird. But the police never released this detail to the public … so who has Wisher been talking to?

Fabian is desperate to find the killer before another innocent life is taken. But as more bodies turn up, Fabian begins to realise that Wisher may have handed him the clues before he died. Is the twisted serial killer still pulling the strings from beyond the grave…?

If you can’t get enough of crime thrillers by Adam Croft, Rachel Caine or Melinda Leigh, you will love The Songbird Girls. * Previously Titled: The Songbird *

Two things I want to say before I start my review!


 Happy Publication Day Richard!!

 and Two, what an amazing thing to see in the book once I had finished seeing my name in the acknowledgement! Epic!

Ok, so on to my review then!



That is it! When I picked up this book, I must admit I could not remember exactly what had happened at the end of the first book. I remembered the premise, and then bam I was panicking as I remembered exactly how it ended! I am not even joking from the opening pages I was on edge. I flew through this book, mainly through the fear of the two storylines flowing through the book.

Detective Tom Fabian is back, and we are taken back to events from before the first book, where he had captured Christopher Wisher, a chilling chilling serial killer, who made Fabian the detective he is today due to the exposure from the case. Wisher, in the present day,  gives Fabian a diary, everything seeming so cryptic before the contents of the diary begin to make sense. In a way, Wisher could be seen as a cult leader with the amount of influence he holds, and it was interesting to see how it all plays out especially from what is alluded to from the first book.

However, whilst we play detective, there is a secondary storyline that is running through this book, which picks up directly from the first book. This storyline had me nervous, on edge, if I bit my fingernails I would have NONE!


Sorry I cannot tell you what it is because well….it’s not in the blurb so you know READ THE BOOK tee hee

Ok, seriously now, I would read the first book…first…because it really does give you the bigger picture to Fabian and his team, his family life and it gives you the first chance to just fall in love with the series (as much as you can on a murder series!). Wisher is alluded to in the first book, and as mentioned the secondary storyline is fed through from the first book. When book one is so clever with the murders, to keep you guessing, this book takes it up an extra notch. You may have an idea to who the killer is, but let me tell you… you won’t. You may get an inkling, but you won’t solve it. Please, I would love you to prove me wrong…but I don’t think you will.

 Like Mr Parker’s previous book, book one, the writing flows, it is intense and it keeps you turning the pages as you become invested in Fabian and his team, cheering them along to solve the unsolvable. I say unsolvable because Mr Parker has been sneaky!! That ending! Seriously, I mean I know it’s publication day but I want the next book now please, I have been on the nice list all year! This ending is what I call “book hangover” ending and only a few books have ever done this to me….I know that a lot of people do not like this ending, but I do, in an upside-down way, because it keeps the interest in the series, the anticipation to whether it will be solved in the next book and what the hell is going to happen!!



OMG! How can that be the end??


Until next time xx


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About Richard Parker

Richard Parker was formerly a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted stand alone thrillers.

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