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Their Lost Daughters by Joy Ellis, Richard Armitage
Series: Jackman and Evans #2
Published by Audible Studios on June 14, 2018
Also by this author: The Murderer's Son

TWO GIRLS GO TO A PARTY, ONLY ONE RETURNS ALIVEToni, the surviving teenager, is found delirious, wandering the muddy fields. She has been drugged and it’s uncertain whether she’ll survive. She says she saw her friend Emily being dragged away from the party. But no one knows who Emily is or even if she’s still alive. . .Meanwhile the drowned body of another girl has been found on an isolated beach.And how does this all relate to the shocking disappearance of a little girl nearly a decade ago, a crime which was never solved? The girl’s mother is putting immense pressure on the police to re-open the high-profile case.EACH ONE OF THEM IS SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER AND THE POLICE MUST GIVE THEIR FAMILIES JUSTICE AND CLOSUREDI Rowan Jackman and DS Marie Evansof the Fenland police are stretched to the limit as they try to bring the perpetrators of these shocking crimes to justice.There is evidence of an illegal drinking club run by a shadowy group of men, who are grooming teenagers. And the team come across a sinister former hospital called Windrush which seems to house many dark secrets.Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the shocking ending.

My Review

So I came back for another outing with Jackman and Evans and the team, although we were missing Orac on this case! The case itself sent chills down my spine, underage drinking, young girls going missing and well pervy old men! Not going to lie, all made me a little bit nervy when reading this.

I mainly picked this audiobook because of the man narrating it, it is so easy to get lost in his voice and then realise you do not know what is going on as you were listening to his voice, not the words. I did this a lot so for me, I missed key bits in the story, but I think I have to say not even Mr Armitage’s voice could save me from this book.

I personally am not sure if I will carry on the series, I felt obligated to read/listen to this book because I had read and enjoyed the first. However, I found that the pacing of this story was a bit slow. For me, something did not click with the big reveal, I found I did not care who or why in the end, which to be honest does make me a bit sad. I found myself switched off at times, do not get me wrong I love slow-burners enough to keep you hooked and turning the page. However, I did not find anything to want me to keep turning that said page, there was no cliff hanger to carry me over to the next chapter. I think this is the first time I will ever complain about this as well but there were too many characters and I could not keep up with who was who and how they were linked so this might have been why at the end I was relieved more than anything.

Yet, the plot in Their Lost Daughters is terrifying and it is one that I can imagine is happening right now, and like the book, is not spoken about at all. Girls going missing and illegal drinking, cover-ups and secrets…always secrets.

There are some intense and completely harrowing times in Their Lost Daughters, a discovery of a secret room, a secret child, secret and illegal parties, all were scary as hell and I had to stop what I was doing at one point because it shocked me to my core.

I did love the introduction of Gary, and if I do go back to the books I hope I see more of him and Orac! Gary fitted in straightaway as if he has always been in the team and it was nice to see that so seamless. I did miss Kevin Stoner though, I know he made a little cameo but I would have liked to know how he was getting on after the last book.

It was dark, menacing and twisty and surprising with the reveals, unfortunately, it was not for me.

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