#BookReview of Tricked Into It by Miranda Grant @MirandaCGrant #PublicationDay #WarOfTheMyth #TrickedIntoIt

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#BookReview of Tricked Into It by Miranda Grant @MirandaCGrant #PublicationDay #WarOfTheMyth #TrickedIntoItTricked Into It by Miranda Grant
Series: War of The Myth #3
on December 13 2019
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The gods want him dead...
And so does his mate.

The blood moon is rising. Werewolves are being forced to change. His teammates are being ripped apart by a sadistic vampire, their screams tearing through the night. Jack's role is simple. Grab the package, chuck it into the portal, and come back to cover his team.

Except that ‘package’ hates Jack with every fiber of her being. The first chance she gets, Charlie attacks him with a branch, kicks him while he’s down, and spits in his face for good measure. She wants him dead, gone, and six feet under. At this point Jack wants the same.

But there’s only one problem. Jack has a beast inside him. And it’s just claimed Charlie as its mate.

My Review

I am sat here thinking of words about book 3 of the series, Tricked into It, not sure the words…I FREAKING LOVED IT will be enough! I should find some more but it is the truth! I have one gripe, one small tiny gripe…still not enough of Delentia! 🤣 (Miranda you knew that was coming)

After so many hints at what was to come in this book, I still wasn’t prepared for what happened! I love having the focus on Jack, he is and always will be a cheeky chap! I think he is probably my favourite. I loved getting to know him and his background and finally FINALLY who his Dad is, magic!

Charlie is a force to be reckoned with, and ever since her first appearance in Elemental Claim, I just knew she would be a feisty one! Although she is human and nothing to do with the Elv’ve’Norc she could still match Jack every step of the way and she has way more strength then she is given credit for. Her goal is to get her boy Tony back, he’s been taken by Sebastian (cue the booing and hissing for the resident baddie), working with Elizabeth she is on a mission for him, when low and beholds, she is “rescued”. I say this loosely because if there is a woman who doesn’t need saving, it’s Charlie!

From the off they do not see eye to eye, the only problem the Beast within Jack has decided that Charlie is his mate and nothing will stand in his way! Again, another twist on the life mate/mate situation! Plus it makes for entertaining reading when you see the struggles and destruction of the Beast inside.

This series really does remind me of the original Black Dagger Brotherhood series, with Jack a distant relation to my favourite character of Rhage in that series. Both with those battles and in love with a human. However, here, we get extra of Mythology thrown in, Greek, Norse, Amazon, anything you want it, it’s in there!

We briefly got to see the characters who have appeared before and we are introduced to some new ones who add their own flair to the books! I love how many characters we have because it means more books!!!!!!!!

Miranda has me so invested in the series that you feel their fear and panic! Especially when there is a scene travelling across the desert and the beasts remind me of the giant worms from Tremors!!!!! No thank you, think I will stay safely away from there!!

Gah, I do love this series and I just think it gets better and better! You have action, you have an adventure, a heart-stopping moment (Literally), you have a lot of banter and at time’s you get a little bit too hot under the collar! But you can see the wealth of research into the series and the mythology! I do love though how what you know is flipped about so don’t take anything for granted here!

So I sign off with…when is the next one? I mean there are so many unanswered questions I need to know the answers!

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Until next time xxx

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Miranda Grant has cycled three thousand miles up the Rocky Mountains on a tandem bike, launched herself off a cliff to go soar under a giant piece of thin fabric, and has stared down a mamma grizzly and her cub without losing a single limb. A true believer in that life is too short to waste away, she has a comprehensive bucketlist and becoming a sucessful writer is just the next item on it.

She defines success as not how much money she makes or how wide of an audience she captivates. To her, it’s defined by transporting her readers into a new world and have them fall in love with its occupants. If she can do that, then this item is done. Though that is not to say her writing will be.

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