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Welcome to Halcyon by S.G. Tasz
Series: Dead Mawl #1
on January 27, 2019
Pages: 72

The service industry can be a nightmare. But at Edensgate Shopping Center, the customers aren't the only monsters to worry about.

Sixteen-year-old Cari Hembert expects an uneventful last day behind the register. The Suttermill Department Store has been dying a slow death for months. Not surprising, since Edensgate is all but abandoned already. The only real challenge is keeping herself distracted from what she will do tomorrow when she is stuck in a dried-up mining town with no prospects and a mother who spends so much time at the bottom of a bottle Cari has considered forwarding her mail. Luckily, she has her best friend, movie theater employee and wannabe-anarchist Drexel "Rex" Ranganathan, to keep her spirits up with nachos and video games.

But when she and Rex find themselves accidentally locked in overnight, they discover a force invading this “dead mall” that is far more horrifying than the slow decline of brick-and mortar-retail. They’ve survived bad bosses, worse parents, and minimum wage. But will they survive the night shift?

Welcome to Halycon is the first in the Dead Mawl novella series where saving the world from the forces of evil is all in a night's work.

Cover art by Joseph Reedy.

My Review

When Ms Tasz approached me to read her book, I knew I had to as soon as I saw the cover of the book, it gave me the Point Horror/Goosebump feels. I just could not say no and being only 72 pages it is a quick read. You can grab the whole series on Kindle Unlimited at the moment!

Every time I hear about a book being set in a shopping mall after dark, a slight panic comes over me as it reminds me of Dawn of the dead, talking the 1978 version as one scene just stuck with me my whole life and now I am scared of zombies! Plus the 2004 film did not help, albeit these were faster zombies – I have no hope! Anyway, I digress, once the author promised me there were no zombies in her book I took a breath and could not wait to get started!

With it being the very last day that Suttermill department store is open in the infamous Edensgate Shopping center, Cari Hembert is expecting a very uneventful day. However, when her boss Holly starts to act a bit..peculiar and Cari has a six-hour nap in the shop you know things are not adding up. With Cari and her friend Rex being locked in the mall at two minutes past midnight, you know that it will NOT be uneventful….then the noises start.

This is a debut by Tasz and it was just simply awesome! So much happens in 72 pages and I want so much more. We do not know what the “creeps” or the “assimilated” are yet or where they came from. What we do know it is hell on earth. Hailed as a bit like Buffy, Supernatural, Ash vs the dead, well I would have to agree. It has badass characters, some gruesome beasties and a blinking shopping mall plus just enough tension that is so palpable makes it so intense! Even though there are no zombies, I was still on edge just in case!

From the opening chapter, I had to know what was the hell was going on, what had attacked Charlie the janitor and why!? What did he do? But something was off too, why does a cleaner have knives? And bam, off I went merrily on my adventure. As I have said it is only 72 page but so much is packed in without any of it feeling rushed. You have the intrigue to what the hell is going on, but the not knowing drives you further and further. I am looking forward to catching up with the team very soon!

But don’t think that after the last chapter the story ends on a cliffhanger, because well even though it does, there is a further cliffhanger after that! Once I had finished reading Welcome to Halcyon I jumped onto Amazon to get the next book!

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