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#BookReview of What Happens in France by Carol E Wyer @carolewyer @canelo_co @ElliePilcher95 #whathappensinfrance

What Happens in France by Carol Wyer
Published by Canelo on January 28 2019
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Bryony Masters has been looking for her long-lost sister, Hannah, for years, but when their father has a stroke her search takes on new urgency. So when primetime game show, What Happens in France, puts a call-out for new contestants, Bryony spots the ultimate public platform to find her reality TV-obsessed sister, and finally reunite their family.

With the help of handsome teammate Lewis, it’s not long before she’s on a private jet heading for the stunning beauty of rural France. With a social media star dog, a high maintenance quiz host and a cast of truly unique characters, Bryony and Lewis have their work cut out for them to stay on the show and in the public eye.

Yet as the audience grows and the grand prize beckons they find that the search that brought them together may just fulfil more than one heart’s wish…

This heartwarming romantic comedy of friendship, family and laugh-out-loud adventures is perfect for fans of Kirsty Greenwood, Colleen Coleman and Marian Keyes

Good ‘rainy’ morning! I am so excited to share with you my review of the fabulous Carole Wyer’s new book What Happens in France. Be sure to check out the other bloggers today Sarah’s Book Reviews and Jera’s Jamboree to see what they have to say!

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My Review

Having only experienced the darker side of Ms Wyer I had jumped up straight away wanting to read the lighter side without even reading the blurb or anything for the book. I love Carol’s storytelling and I knew she would not disappoint.

In this story, Bryony is looking for her long lost sister Hannah, you don’t know why she is long lost just that Bryony blames herself. So along comes the chance to appear on a new TV show with some immense coverage why not go for it? As a lover of the 90s game shows I had to read this, always wanting to be part of the action, and in a way I could be through Bryony!

This book had me sitting there with a smile on her face, I mean what is there not to love about this book, especially when it has the cutest dog called Biggie. I love Bryony and most definitely Lewis!

It was also nice to see some fellow bloggers encapsulated in the novel popping up at random times. Had me chuckling at that. I should also issue a warning, this book will lead you into the biggest trap ever of “Oh just one more chapter”, I fell victim to this and a health warning should be issued #justsaying

I don’t want to give anything away, all you need to know is that it made me smile a lot. It got me hooked to Bryony and didn’t let go until the very end! Being my first light side book, I completely enjoyed every word on the page, she has a way of making you feel the emotions and have your heart filling with joy and the warm and fuzzies. The plot is something I could imagine someone actually doing, it had the realistic elements to it which I found fascinating and I would have loved to been in Bryony shoes.

Until next time xx

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Stardust reviews says

This is a hugely funny romantic comedy with lots of heart-warming, endearing moments.  I have needed tissues throughout this book, sometimes to wipe away tears of emotion, other times to wipe away tears of laughter.  The author has proved without a doubt that she can write amazing romantic comedy as well as amazing crime! 

Bella and the Novel says

The way ‘What Happens in France’ is written is highly enjoyable, the pacing of the novel was one of my favourite elements as things didn’t move on too quickly but it wasn’t boring or slow at any time. I actually sped through it as the chapter lengths were a reasonable enough length for me to think ‘just one more’ until I had accidentally stayed awake a lot later than I was going to! 

Baker’s Not so Secret Blog says

What Happened in France is beautifully written and I felt like the author took me right back to college trip in Paris with her descriptions. This is a fun, light hearted, entertaining read. Which will certainly make you LOL but at the same time gave me a few AWW moments. Yes the book touched me….It is an absolutely lovely story.

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Thank you to Ellie at Canelo for the tour invite and a copy of the book in return for my honest and unbiased review

About Carol Wyer

Carol Wyer garnered a loyal following as an author of romantic comedies, and won ThePeople’s Book Prize Award for non-fiction (2015). In 2017 she stepped from comedy to the “dark side” and embarked on a series of thrillers, featuring the popular DI Robyn Carter, which earned her recognition as a crime writer.

The Staffordshire-based writer now has more crime novels in the pipeline, although she can still sometimes be found performing her stand-up comedy routine Laugh While You Still Have Teeth.

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  1. Oh Zoe! What a wonderful review and I am really glad you enjoyed reading something lighter from me. Your praise has made me glow so thank you very much indeed and for being part of the tour. I’m hugging myself in delight now and I’m all fuzzy too. xx

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