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#BookReview of Worst Case Scenario by Helen Fitzgerald @fitzhelen @orendabooks @annecater #teamorenda #worstcasescenario #somethingaboutmary

Worst Case Scenario by Helen Fitzgerald
Published by Orenda on March 16 2019
Pages: 272

A delicious dark, relentless and chilling psychological thriller by the international bestselling author of The Cry

‘The harrowing plot keeps you gripped until the final, devastating revelation’ Sunday Mirror

Mary Shields is a moody, acerbic probation offer, dealing with some of Glasgow’s worst cases, and her job is on the line.Liam Macdowall was imprisoned for murdering his wife, and he’s published a series of letters to the dead woman, in a book that makes him an unlikely hero – and a poster boy for Men’s Rights activists.Liam is released on licence into Mary’s care, but things are far from simple. Mary develops a poisonous obsession with Liam and his world, and when her son and Liam’s daughter form a relationship, Mary will stop at nothing to impose her own brand of justice … with devastating consequences.A heart-pounding, relentless and chilling psychological thriller, rich with deliciously dark and unapologetic humour, Worst Case Scenario is also a perceptive, tragic and hugely relevant book by one of the most exciting names in crime fiction.

Really excited today to welcome Helen Fitzgerald to my blog with my review of Worst Case Scenario. Be sure to check out my blog partner today Toni @ Dark Reads

My Review

Yes Yes Yes YES!! What a dark deliciously wicked and fantastic read! Opening lines bam yes I am laughing and I really should not be! This book had me hooked and I had absolutely no idea where this journey would go. The unknown was just fantastic!

Now I have no idea how it works in a probation office but I can imagine it is not easy with the types of people they have to deal with daily and the behaviour they might encounter, I did not understand the lingo and the acronyms but I did not care, I am and was invested in Mary. She brought the story to life and gave me an insight into the unknown. From what I have heard Fitzgerald has got it spot on!

Oh, Mary tries to do good and just ends up making it a big pickle of a mess! Going through the change, something all women have the delight of looking forward to if they have not already. To the outside world, she is perceived as a mess, a hot sweaty mess. Inside you can see the inner turmoil as everything slowly falls apart and she has not got a clue on how to fix it……well she does……but possibly it is not the right thing she could do.

Mary is fantastic, she does not take any rubbish from anyone and she is completely straight talking! Watching her have the conversations, especially with Holly, Liam’s daughter, was hilarious. Mary just did not care, perfectly flawed and a 100% real is what you get. She likes to slice things so close to the bone and worry about the consequences later….if at all. She has brought a smile to my face albeit she really shouldn’t but I threw caution to the wind and had a cackle and a cringe throughout the story.

I have not read anything by Fitzgerald before but I do have The Cry on my radar. I devoured the writing in front of me and to keep guessing and thinking about Worst Case Scenario even after I had put it down is a testament to the author. It is like she knows how close she can go to shock her audience before turning it around bringing you back to a bit of comfort before shocking you again! It is such an awesome journey to go on because just as things get too dark you do get a light relief.

The way Worst Case Scenario ends I am hoping that there will be a follow-up. I mean I need to know how Mary is and how she is going to deal with all the fallout. Fingers crossed we do soon!

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About Helen Fitzgerald

Helen FitzGerald is the bestselling author of ten adult and young adult thrillers,
including The Donor (2011) and The Cry (2013), which was longlisted for the
Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, and is now a major drama
for BBC1. Helen worked as a criminal justice social worker for over fifteen
years. She grew up in Victoria, Australia. She now lives in Glasgow with her

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