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The Nightmare by Fiona Hogan
Published by SpellBound Books on October 2nd 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher


I set the table for you, come sit.

I hope you enjoy my humble fare, a selection of only the darkest of delights. But make sure and pull your chair in closer to the hearth for the night falls and the wind blows wild muffling the sound of approaching footsteps. Something comes, something creeps ever closer. A nightmare thing.

Enter a dark place between fact and fiction.

On a cold winter’s night whilst crossing the frost covered field to fetch water, a child hears a sound on the air, an infant’s cry. But no baby awaits her hurried progress.
A pensioner rapidly losing her memory exists in a twilight world where only a lost love can bridge the gap between past and present.

A young man at a boutique music festival discovers more than romance in the fading forest.

Something travels the cosmos, a creature of nightmare and terror. A veiled medium sits at a table in a Victorian parlour waiting.

Amongst the lamb, a wolf harvests souls in a bid for promotion.

THE NIGHTMARE - A selection of gothic and contemporary dark fiction from F.B. Hogan.

A delicious collection of tales! My introduction to Fiona and what an intro!!

A couple of stories that stuck out in my mind are Always, Our Friends Electric, The Nightmare and Untitled.

Always was a nice introduction to the collection. It was a bittersweet story and in a way left a smile on my face.

I would LOVE a full-length book about Our Friends Electric, it was a fascinating story that had such a lot to build on, please Fiona, make it happen!!

Most of the stories were easy to read and fly through, they didn’t creep me out. They didn’t really unsettle me. Then! Then, I hit The Nightmare, and I must admit I had to put the lights on, and I was looking over my shoulder when I was walking around the house doing my normal evening checks. In this story, it was everything I use to do as a kid AND ok, sometimes I still do as an adult! But jeez it took it to another level! The chills, the unsettling feeling. In those short pages, I was not a happy bunny because it brought my fear to the front and this is not always a good thing!

This leaves the other standout for me, the aptly title Untitled! Until we saw the big bad, the atmosphere, the description of the house, the fricking coffin! Jesus! This story was awful, not rubbish, but awful as in it made all my hair stand on end. You could visualise the house, the corridors, the rooms, Jesus I was snuggled up to mini-me to try and protect myself! It didn’t work, some of it scared the bejesus out of me!! WOW!!

I loved this collection by Fiona, she didn’t necessarily just write stories to scare you but she liked to unsettle you. She likes to draw you in before she knocks you down with a final sting in the tail. So many of her stories did this! I want more from this author, like now!!

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About Fiona Hogan

F. B. Hogan is a writer, blogger and poet living in the midlands of Ireland. She masquerades as a sensible adult and mother to five children and cat but lives and breathes purely for horror.
Fiona writes in a mix of genres and you can also find her collection of humorous and supernatural tales – The Lights Went Out and Other Stories on Amazon under the name Fiona Cooke. Her novella, a romantic comedy set in Kerry, Ireland – What Happened in Dingle, is also available to download on Amazon.
She scribbles random thoughts about nature, her work and anything that amuses her at her blog https://unusualfiction.wordpress.com/
Fiona has signed a two book contract and her first book, a collection of deliciously dark and twisted tales will be published in October, kicking off SpellBounds SHOctober Horror fest.

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