#BookReview – What Holly’s husband did by Debbie Viggiano @DebbieViggiano @bookouture @nholten40

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#BookReview – What Holly’s husband did by Debbie Viggiano @DebbieViggiano @bookouture @nholten40

What Holly's Husband Did by Debbie Viggiano
Published by Bookouture on May 29, 2018
Genres: Chick Lit
Pages: 328
Also by this author: The Man You Meet in Heaven

A hilariously funny romp with a twist that will make you gasp! Perfect for fans of Tracy Bloom, Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes.

Holly Hart has been married for fifteen blissful years to hubby Alex. Well… if you don't count last Christmas, when she accidentally found a load of flirty texts on Alex's phone. But every marriage has its ups and downs and Alex had a perfectly reasonable explanation… so why can't Holly forget what she saw?

With the help of best friends Jeanie and Caro, as well as their handsome neighbour Jack, Holly resolves to settle her mind once and for all with a bit of sneaky detective work. So what if her husband isn't exactly Brad Pitt? He's hers, and if someone else is trying to steal him she wants to know who…. But the truth is way more shocking than Holly ever anticipated. Can Holly, let alone her marriage, ever recover from what she discovers?

A laugh-until-you-cry, feel-good novel from the bestselling author of Stockings and Cellulite and The Corner Shop of Whispers

Wow wow wow. I literally devoured this book in two hours on my journey up to Edinburgh. I had to neglect my child while I was reading this – it’s ok she had her colouring books and Barbie’s! Although I did have to keep stopping to update my husband while he drove – not sure if he cared or not, I did make sure he knew what happening!!

This book has fast become one of my favourite chick-lit books, mainly because of the rollercoaster ride I went on, all the red herrings that are thrown up and how I didn’t suspect who “Queenie” was until Holly did.

The story unfolds through Holly’s eyes as we follow her through on the adventure of the mysterious sexter that struck Alex’s phone on Christmas Day, with promises of rubbing him like a genie (I mean wow!)

Since that fateful moment, when Alex tried to palm it off as a misunderstanding, that it was a crazy ex-patient, Holly just couldn’t let go, I couldn’t let go either! I mean who was this woman!

Months following this, she is still pondering the text messages and playing detective. Leading on to some rather crazy facebook messages to one woman she suspects. Everyone in the book is under suspicion, and I loved the fact that you never knew who it was until the end. (Well I didn’t guess but once I knew it seemed obvious) I was led in to a false sense of security by the author, as I was firm in my decision to who Queenie was, then the rug was pulled out from under me (not literally still in the car at this point) and I didn’t have a clue who to believe….the next page I was back believing it was my original person.

As you can tell, the author misleads you countless times, which I thought was fantastic. It kept me on my toes, and as I said I devoured this book in a couple of hours. It made my jaw drop with conversations and actions taken, and quite a few times laughing so loudly, my little girl told me to stop as I was hurting her ears!

Holly’s actions while playing said detective ends up affecting everyone around her, as so many lives come crashing down. Everything we know is linked in one way or another, as we got closer to the big reveal. The surprise 40th birthday party she throws for Alex was quite entertaining from an outsiders’ point of view but heartbreaking too.

The one party that did make my heart break for Holly, was a function she ‘demanded’ to go with Alex too, she never normally goes and he is happy that she doesn’t go. Her husband’s behaviour and words were outrageous to Holly, although his behaviour is explained later, I did not think it was justified (hard to say too much without giving spoilers away!!).

All I will say about one of my favourite scenes in the book is 8 words – curtain tassels, marigold gloves and a bad back. Seriously, it was so bloody funny! You need to read the book to find out more!

Like I said, I devoured this book, I followed Holly on her discovery which she took to find Queenie, and in the end, she got much more than she expected! This is the sort of book I would love to be on the big screen!

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*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookouture and the author Debbie Viggiano for a copy of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review*

About Debbie Viggiano

Prior to turning her attention to writing, Debbie Viggiano was, for more years than she cares to remember, a legal secretary. She lives with her Italian husband, a rescued puppy from Crete, and a very disgruntled cat. Occasionally her children return home from uni bringing her much joy…apart from their gifts of dirty laundry.

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