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Witch by Mark Brownless
Published by SpellBound Books on October 15, 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Genres: Horror
Pages: 310

For Sale

We are delighted to present Ty Llun - Lake House - which is, once again, available.
A beautiful 400-year-old waterfront property in an idyllic Welsh village, the property has plenty of character and comes complete with the spirit of a long dead witch.It’s the ideal place for a couple to move to, to start again, to try and forget the heartbreak of the past.

And we are sure that, this time, she will leave you in peace…

WITCH, the terrifying new horror novel from Mark Brownless, the author of The Shadow Man and The Hand of an Angel.

My god man, give me the sequel right now, I mean it seriously… I want it in my hands RIGHT NOW!!!

Now disclaimer, this book didn’t scare me, what it did was it lured me into a false sense of security at times, it made me feel uneasy and I did wonder if I saw someone watching me out the corner of my eye. I will never be wearing or buying a white dress that is for sure.

Gah!!! This book!!! A couple with a heartbreak, move to a village in Wales, one that doesn’t like strangers, one to scare off the newbies with the local legend. Yeah, steering clear thank you!

I took my time with this book, mainly had no choice but I am glad I did. This book needs to be savoured. You need to think about what you have learned. What I loved, apart from a couple of chapters, we learned everything at the same time as Gabe. We are living his life. I had no idea what would happen and where this story would go. Have I mentioned I want the sequel?

I was so sucked into Marks words, I could have been there. Smelling the stench, hearing the woods…or not as the case may be. Not going to lie a couple of scenes unsettled me, always the classic, you see something. Turn your head, turn back and bam they are there. Always gives me a chill. I thought the story was well played out and it was interesting with Morvith’s backstory. Would love to know more about her and the Master. However, it was enough to whet my appetite and sucker punch me through. Man, it was a sucker punch. Despite it being a satisfying sting in the tail….it was a hard sting to swallow. I went in blind with this book and it is hard to discuss a lot of the book without giving anything away. I just learned by the end of the book, never to trust people, move to sleepy villages and if I see my partner running into the woods a lot…well I am jumping in the car and driving the other way.

A book that has a little bit of everything in to get you through the Halloween period. Jumps, chills, and a ruddy good story, just maybe don’t stare at the cover too long… A contender for my book of the year? Hell Yeah…ok poor choice of words there!

So sequel yeah?

Until next time xxx

About Mark Brownless

Mark Brownless lives and works in Carmarthen, West Wales, UK. He has been putting ideas on paper for some years now but only when the idea for THE HAND OF AN ANGEL came to him in the autumn of 2015 did he know he might be able to write a book. Mark likes to write about ordinary people being placed in extraordinary circumstances, is fascinated by unexplained phenomena, and enjoys merging thriller, science fiction and horror.

Mark’s new novel, The Shadow Man is a terrifying horror thriller imagining what would happen if you found out the memories of your childhood were untrue, and that something sinister was lurking behind the facade of your life. Could you face what had happened back then? Could you face The Shadow Man.

Mark is also fascinated by myths and legends such as those of Robin Hood and King Arthur. This has culminated in the release of his short story series, Locksley, a Robin Hood story.

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