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Broken Perfection by Heather Henle
Published by Self Published on March 1 2018
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley

Waking up from a coma days after what was supposed to be her dream wedding, Brianna Hough’s seemingly perfect world was shaken. From her fiancé to her friends, Brianna takes you on a journey that reveals the hidden truths in a striving for perfection.

A story of loss, love, friends, and self.

Another book looking at peoples lives, I have a theme here, but this time when I closed the book the eyes got a bit leaky. However, stuff does happen in the book!!! What stuff, well not telling. I went in the book blind and its the best way to go.

I loved the character of Brianna, she has it all, seemingly too perfect but she’s happy, so we are happy no? Even I might have got a bit relationship jealous. Everything was just right, perfect. But after she wakes up from the coma the cracks are starting to appear.

This may be a short book but boy did I feel all the emotions with it. There was a shock, a lot of anger and even my little heart was filled with joy, then back to despair and hope and again and again, it was a rollercoaster of emotion. I adored the ladies in the book, the best friends you could ask for, you know they have your back and that is what you want from your friends. You don’t want to be stabbed in the back at all, no soiree so why do women feel the need to do that.

The emotion in this book is heavy. You feel the depth of the depression that Brianna feels and it’s not until near the end how suffocating things really are. The need to be perfect, striving to be a picturesque person, not really living, not quite knowing that until your world implodes.

We as the reader suspects so many things before they are revealed. The writing lends itself to us, it helps us see the bigger picture and we can only be there at the end, watching the fallout, hoping everything will be ok. Some aspects of Brianna’s life had me thinking of my behaviour and the thing is it is totally relatable. That self-doubt and self-loathing is a part of everyone’s genetic makeup but whether we can accept it or not is another thing. We all deserve to be loved and to have that person, your person. It’s a shame that some people have to try and control you and how you feel, never giving the freedom you deserve. That is what Brianna deserves. She learned the hard way she is strong, she is worthy and she can breathe again. I love Brianna’s journey, she has gone from being a shell of a woman to being a free woman, one who learns to love herself and live for herself. She is so relatable and loveable you do feel quite protective over her, I know I did.

I can sense some people would be frustrated by Brianna decisions and behaviour and yes I did, however, it shows you the depths of how she was controlled and maintained in that relationship. She even basically admitted she couldn’t function without him so her headspace is going to be off-kilter. Plus if what happened to her happened to you, you would want answers too. All her insecurities were on show and it was sad to watch her tumble down the rabbit hole.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Its a sad story but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It so was well written and it is an engrossing read. I blocked out everyone while I was reading it. I would definitely pick up a book by this author again.

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