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Today I managed to grab an exclusive interview with Maggie and boy was it quick, she is a busy lady after all 😉 I will say for one thing her personality shines through!

Hey Maggie! How are you today?

Busy but fine, I guess. Thanks for having me on your…blog? Is that what this is? I’m not really up to date with social media if I am honest but appreciate that I probably need to connect more.

How did you start the day today?

Woke up and scared the bejesus out of my cat, Scrappy who likes to sleep across my legs or on my head. Today it was my legs and he probably regrets that now. My brother Andy was still asleep, so I had to make my own coffee. Selfish git – I am kidding. I drink gallons of coffee a day. I looked at some of the newspapers on my ipad as I drank a few coffees. Had a shower, got dressed and now I am sitting at my dining table writing some answers to this Q&A that Noelle sent me from you. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what I may end up doing – work probably!

Sounds like a busy morning already!! Describe yourself in 3 words..

Cautious, assertive and loyal.

Has Noelle been nice enough to bring any sunshine into your life yet??

I think she is working on that but as you’ll note from my description of myself – it won’t be easy for her.

I hope she does as you do deserve it! Do you get a break? How the hell do you unwind?

Unwind? What’s that? Breaks are few and far between, but when I do have them, I like to explore – whether that be outdoors or in books or just in my mind. My mind is always going, and I have dreams of travelling the country – I love landscapes and quaint villages. I’ve snuck away once or twice to a rented cottage where I can go for walks, lose myself in a book by a roaring fire or binge watch crime dramas – I know, I know … it sounds like work, but I love them!

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

My parents live in Scotland and once when I visited, my dad took me to this place – a large piece of land with a lake and mountains as a backdrop. There was an old cottage – abandoned. I’d like to buy that cottage, do it up and retire there – it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Maybe one day…

That sounds like it would be amazing! If you get a rare Sunday afternoon off, how do you like to spend?

Going for a hike. I love the outdoors and haven’t had time to appreciate it lately.

What is your favourite song and why?

I like so many different songs for various reasons  – hard to choose really as it depends on the mood I am in. 80’s/90’s pop music after a few drinks, MIGHT get me dancing, I love rock music when I am driving but at home, I generally don’t listen to much music at all.

Fab choice with the rock music! It’s Halloween, who do you dress up as?

Harley Quinn – just because.

DC Comics Star Cutouts Sc1220 Margot Robbie As The Suicide Squad'S ...

I can completely see this! And those shoes she has on, well I have been trying to find a pair for years! My final question for you, Do you have a favourite joke?

Not really. I know that makes me sound like a real bore. I have a twisted sense of humour which most people probably wouldn’t appreciate. But people can take me or leave me. Totally up to them.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Maggic on the blog today, do make sure you check her out in Dead Inside and Dead Wrong!



Stay and have a chat :)

5 responses to “Character Interview Time With DC Maggie Jamieson @nholten40 #Q&A #AuthorTakeOver #CharacterInterview

  1. Woohoo Maggie was a complete badass… Now I know how she gets her job done. I wonder how Noelle manages to control her to stay in the pages. I am sure she would walk off an make Noelle follow her ????