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We are half way trough Natalie’s story and I thought what better than to actually get to know Natalie a bit more, so she stopped by and had a quick chat with me!

Hi Natalie, Thanks for dropping by today, how are you doing?

Hi Zoe, thanks for inviting me around. Things are fine. You know me, I always keep myself occupied. I find it’s best to keep my mind focused on work, rather than let stuff get on top of me. It’s not been an easy couple of years but things are looking up and maybe this summer I’ll take some time off and grab some sunshine with the family

Looks like the sun is finally coming back! How are the family? Have things settled?

Well, Josh is rapidly growing up. Sometimes, I’m astonished at how well-balanced he’s become, especially given what shit he’s been through what with David and me bickering and of course, what happened to Leigh. He’s going steady with a girl at the moment and I have a feeling they’ll still see each other, even when he heads off to Uni. He seems to have found a constant in his life and although he and David are back on a level footing, he needs more. We haven’t exactly given him the security he should have had.

I feel like I let him down badly. He doesn’t seem to hold any grudges but I can see him gradually slipping away and finding his independence. Still, that’s what you want for your kids, isn’t it? You give them the tools to survive and then watch as they stride out into the world. It’s scary and you never know if you’ve done the right thing, said the right thing, guided them the right way, but I have faith in Josh. He’ll succeed. He has his father’s brains and my common sense. He’ll be fine. I just wish… I wish I was able to talk about Leigh the same way. She’d have been amazing. I know she would.

Erm, sorry. It’s still hard to talk about her and yet, I want to. I don’t ever want to stop talking about her.

David seems to be getting his shit together although you never know with him. One minute he seems to be fine and the next he’s impossible, drowning his sorrows with alcohol, or down the bookies. I tried. You know how hard I tried to make it work, but if somebody is that hell bent on destroying themselves and everyone who loves them, you have to stand back and protect the others you love. I had Josh to consider. It was too much to bear – the lies, those bloody endless lies. That’s what did it in the end. I simply couldn’t trust him any more and although I still have feelings for him, after all, you can’t live with somebody for all those years without having some residue of love, I still want to shake him by the shoulders and scream, ‘What about me? Wasn’t it hard for me too?’ I hope he does sort himself out. There’s a lot of good in him. He’s lost his way, that’s all. I haven’t got the energy to be his prop any longer and I hope he finds some strength to deal with his issues. I really hope so.

Gosh, yes you have had a rough time to put it lightly, I can not imagine it has been easy at all. I am glad you and Josh have each other. Did you at least have a good start to the day?

I had a lie-in today. First one in months. We’ve been full on ever since we set up the new crime unit and I took on my new role as DCI. You no doubt heard about the latest investigation? No? Well, you’ll be able to read about it on July 9th Operation Somebody’s Daughter. It was a tough case, one of the most disturbing to date.

I may or may not have had a sneak peak into this case, I will be letting you know my findings later this week. How hard is it to combine your home and your job? Is it a constant battle?

It’s a constant juggling act and if you let it, it eats into your soul. Anyone in my profession is torn in two on a daily basis. We’re often unavailable when family members need us and during a difficult investigation, even when we are at home, our minds are usually elsewhere. I never wanted my work life to take over as it has. If David hadn’t blown all our savings and landed us in debt, I’d have remained a DS and been able to be there for my children and for him. I enjoyed my work but it wasn’t my life. I was offered DI at a time in our lives when I needed the job and having accepted it, I wanted to do the best job I could. David promised he’d step up to the mark and look after the children, take my place as a homemaker and he did a good job, to start with. We had help form his father, Eric, and things bounced along but I paid the price for that. I sacrificed time with Leigh and Josh to allow us to remain a stable family unit in our home. It was too heavy a price to pay and if I were given the choice again, I wouldn’t have taken it. I’d have been a stay-at-home mum, or a DS in Manchester, working shifts but still having time for my family.

Try not to be so hard on yourself, you are doing a fab job! But do you even get a break? How the hell do you unwind?

It depends on the cases I’m leading. You’ve only ever seen me when I’m working on some dreadful murder investigation. Some cases allow me more down time during the day and I’ll nip out for an hour for a break. When I get to the end of a long day, wine and bath do it for me every time.

Sounds like a lush way to end the day! I feel bad we only ever see you in the middle of an investigation and not enjoying your time to unwind. Is there one thing you could say was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

My babies faces for the first time. A memory made more precious by the passing of time.

I can completely relate to that! Ok, disaster has struck, you are stuck on a desert island, what would 3 things would you have on you?

I’m not sure I’d ever be in such a position. However, being a planner, I’d definitely have a Swiss knife so I could cut wood and gut fish, a lighter so I could make fire to boil water and cook and a photograph of my family. It would give me every reason to get off the damn island and back home to them.

I love the way you think!!! One of my favourite questions now, its Halloween, who are you?

We all dressed once as the Addams family. I was Morticia, David was Gomez, Eric was Uncle Fester and Josh and Leigh were Pudgsey and Wednesday. I think I’m like Morticia in some ways, certainly physically and like her I make interesting concoctions for the family to eat although I have avoided cooking eye of newt.

LOL No way! I have lost count how many times Morticia has come up now! It is all Detectives that seem to be choosing this too! Ok, the last question, what is your favourite joke?

I’m not really known for my sense of humour. I’ve become more serious with time. Too serious, really. That’s a bad thing, isn’t it? I should lighten up more. The kids used to make me laugh. Especially, Leigh. I can still picture her now telling me this one. She cracked up completely trying to tell it to me.

What’s white and fluffy and swings though trees? A meringue-utan!

I love this joke! Thank you so much, Natalie (and Carol) for stopping by and taking the time to answer my questions! I look forward to our next adventure Natalie, hopefully it might be a bit tamer and life is a bit more forgiving!

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