Coming Soon…… @bookshineblog #Nostalgiaaaargh #pointhorror @PointHorror @scholasticuk

Posted July 13, 2019 by Zoé in Blog, NostalgiAAARGH, Reviews and Stuff / 9 Comments

Something exciting is hitting this blog soon along with Steph @ Bookshine and Readbows. What I hear you ask?? Well, look below…….

Are you scared yet??

Get ready for some Nostalgi-AAARGH!!

Until next time xxx mmmmmwwwwahahahahahahaha



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9 responses to “Coming Soon…… @bookshineblog #Nostalgiaaaargh #pointhorror @PointHorror @scholasticuk

    • Zoé

      More than welcome to join in lol I can’t wait to start! They are so short too! Love them 💜

    • Zoé

      Ha ha oh I loved this series growing up! Can’t remember them scaring me though I can’t wait to read them again lol thanks 💜