Cross Stitch by Amanda James @amandajames61 #BookReview #Book4 #AuthorTakeOver

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Cross Stitch by Amanda James @amandajames61 #BookReview #Book4 #AuthorTakeOverCross Stitch by Amanda James
Series: Time Travellers #2
Published by Choc Lit on December 9, 2014
Also by this author: Rip Current, The Cornish Retribution, Another Mother, The Feud, A Stitch in Time, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Dancing in the Rain, Summer in Tintagel, Behind the Lie, Another Mother, The Calico Cat, Deep Water, The Cornish Retribution, The Feud, Dark Deception, The Cornish Connection

A stitch in time may save nine but a cross-stitch spells disaster …It should be the happiest day of her life.

Despite past heartache, Sarah Yates is finally marrying her true love, John Needler.

But Sarah and John can’t pretend they’re an ordinary couple.

They’re time travellers and where time travel is involved, nothing runs smoothly.

One minute Sarah is saying her vows and the next she is hurtled back in time to a country that is on the cusp of war, and into the company of the bad-tempered Veronica Ratchet.

Newly-wedded bliss is certainly not on the cards for Sarah as events see her travelling from the British punk era to 1950’s America. And even when she returns home she can’t escape Veronica.But when the past and the present collide, that’s when the real problems start …

My Review

I can easily see why this series is Mandy’s favourite series. You meet Sarah and John and you just instantly fall in love with them and this mysterious time-travelling life they lead!

Following a few short months after A Stitch in Time, we are meeting Sarah and John at a very important part of their life. Life has settled after the dramatic events from the first book, and they are settling into a new rhythm. However, it seems destiny has other ideas and this time not even the spindly ones can control the travelling! When we do learn what is causing the disruption you can’t help but have a small leap of joy. But don’t let it fool you, because disruption and a lot of it, is what lies in store for Sarah.

One thing I did love about this book is Veronica Ratchet, she is a blinking hoot. What a character! Meeting her in 1939 Southampton, in a town which was one of the worst-hit during the war….you know everything will be fine won’t it, right? … Right???

Veronica is new to stitching and things do not go to plan, somehow Sarah is dragged along into what makes the Cross Stitch. The explanation behind the theory of a Cross Stitch is fascinating and so well done. Yet, this chance meeting entwines their lives together forever and I loved how everything works out. What I love about these is that although we know this doesn’t happen, it is explained to us in a way in which…it could happen! But it’s not true is it…is it?

The descriptive writing in this tale will have you believing you are in 1939 Southampton surviving the war, 1979 Bristol in the punk rock era or in 1966 Topeka with a raging Tornado on its way to you! You can smell the fires, you hear the wind, you feel the grit of the sand. It is as if you are there.

I really hope and pray there is a way that we get can the third book, because even though the book is all nicely tied up there is still so much to the story. So much more and plus I want to learn more about Esme and Harry! Cross Stitch is a story that flows with no words wasted and before you know it, you’ve reached the end! I am still not happy about this! I didn’t want it to end so quickly. So many threads have not been stitched up (sorry couldn’t resist!) and I yearn to know more. But if it does mean the end, I will riot but secondly, it still leaves me with the warm and fuzzies….but I still want the next book.

Until next time xxx

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About Amanda James

Amanda has written since she was a child, but never imagined that her words would be published, given that she left school with no real qualifications of note apart from an A* in how to be a nuisance in class. Nevertheless, she returned to education when her daughter was five and eventually became a history teacher. Then in 2010, after many twists and turns, the dream of becoming a writer came true when her first short story was published. Amanda has written many short stories and has six novels currently published.

Amanda grew up in Sheffield but now has realised her lifelong dream of living in Cornwall and her writing is inspired every day by the dramatic coastline near her home. She has sketched out many stories in her head while walking the cliff paths. Three of her mystery/suspense novels are set there, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Summer in Tintagel and the Behind the Lie. Rip Current is also set in Cornwall and will be published by Bloodhound Books in April 2018.

Amanda, known to many as Mandy, spends far more time than is good for her on social media and has turned procrastination to a fine art. She can also usually be found playing on the beach with her family, or walking the cliff paths planning her next book.

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