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The Player Gets Coached by Janet Nissenson
Series: Bachelor #2
Published by Bookbaby on October 16, 2018
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Pages: 430
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Hey there, welcome back to Day 2! So, in the running of things and as the title suggests we will have a look at book 2 in the bachelor series. This was released on 16th October, and I helped by posting a little post on release day. Check it out here

Firstly I need to get the cover out the way, anyone got a fan……

Where the women and the men both get hotter!! You back with me yet??

Want to know what this book is about, well here you are! 

The Manwhore Versus The Maneater

Finn McManus thrives on his reputation as a player’s player – a term that has nothing to do with his years as a professional athlete.  A notorious flirt and ladies man, the handsome, charming retired football player rarely dates a woman more than a few times, and shies away from relationships like they were a contagious disease.  And despite his parents’ decades long, blissfully happy marriage, Finn just can’t see himself ever being in the same situation.

Delilah Ferris has acquired her own reputation over the years as something of a maneater.  She makes no bones about the fact that she expects to call the shots in the relationship, and that she’ll never be any man’s fool.  And when she meets her new neighbor Finn for the first time, she automatically puts him in the same category as her handsome, playboy father – the same father who not only broke her heart too many times to count but broke their family as well.  Delilah has always vowed to steer clear of heartbreakers like Finn McManus, unwilling to ever fall victim to his charms.

But when the gorgeous, tempting Delilah quickly becomes the only woman Finn has eyes for, he pulls out all the stops to convince her to go out with him.  And if Delilah weakens her resolve and agrees, will she regret her decision sooner than later? Or will the coach finally manage to whip this player into shape?

So will the player get coached??? As I said this was released on 16th October and it already has a rating of 4.32!! (Correct as at 17th October!)

Goodreads reviewer “The story pulled me in from the first chapter. I loved the authors writing style. “

Goodreads reviewer “Their story was a page turner for me…I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to read more in this series and by Ms. Nissenson “

Goodreads reviewer “I love the writing style of Janet Nissenson and not only are her main characters intriguing but I love the depth that she gives to the secondary ones as well

I tell you what I really can’t wait to read these books! The reviews so far are fab!

So a few more Q&A’s from Janet today, what have I asked her…

What did you edit out of The Player Gets Coached? And will it appear in later in the series?

I rarely edit any extra scenes out of my books, as I have a pretty specific outline that I stick to in the writing process.  I do not have any extra scenes from The Player Gets Coached, but the main characters will definitely appear in the next book in the series!

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

I always wanted to write a story when a lifelong playboy who’s used to getting any woman he wants suddenly meets one who wants nothing to do with him, and he has to actually work at getting a date with her.

Are your characters based on real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination? 

Some are based lightly on other people, or at least people with similar personalities, but most of them were imagined

I will leave you with a teaser from the book, and tomorrow is GIVEAWAY time! Yay!!!!

See you tomorrow for more!! xx

About Janet Nissenson

Janet is a lifelong resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently resides on the northern California coast with her husband Steve and Golden Retriever Max. She worked for more than two decades in the financial services industry before turning her focus to producing running events. She is a former long-distance runner, current avid yoga practitioner, is addicted to Pinterest, likes to travel and read. She has been writing for more than three decades, and is the author of the Inevitable series – six interconnected but standalone books, and the Splendor trilogy. Her writing genre is steamy contemporary romance, specializing in what she likes to call “romance for romantics”.

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