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Dead Woman Scorned by Michael Clark @MikeClarkBooks @Damppebbles #BookReview #BlogTourDead Woman Scorned by Michael Clark
Series: The Patience of a Dead Man #2
Published by Michael Clark Books on November 12, 2019
Format: eBook
Source: Author
Pages: 352
Also by this author: The Patience of a Dead Man, Anger is an Acid

She's back, and they’ll regret what they’ve done.

Mildred Wells had a miserable life that carried over to a lonesome death. In the end, they betrayed her--played her the fool.

She was the last to know, but there's still time to catch up.

She'll formulate her painful plan as they live their lives in blissful ignorance.

With no more family, only vengeance drives her; in fact, it’s all she has.

She would have rather rested in peace, but for Mildred, dying isn't so easy.

Strewth what a book! This is now building up to one epic countdown of a finale! This book is not scary but instead, the tension is palpable! We learn all about Mildred and her past and how she became what she is! That is some dark and brutal stuff! We are also back with Tim and Holly learning what happens before and after that open house of October 1972!

I always think there are two different types of endings with these books, the ending of the book which I loved and fully expected and bizarrely had me doing a little chuckle – believe me, I wasn’t expecting to feel like that. Then the epilogue ending which has a twist of fate which I DID NOT see coming and it has made me so excited for book 3!!

This is a dark book as mentioned before as there is so much brutality. When I first picked it up I was expected to be scared the bejesus out of, but Clarke decides to try and win some sympathy with Mildred, by showing us her background. Nope, sorry just can’t do it, she is one messed up MOFO and that’s all I am going to say.

I love the inclusion of new characters and TV crew, as it added more of a threat to Tim. It added more tension too because there are more lives now at risk, and who doesn’t love a bit of danger and risk! My heart was in my throat a lot because we are literally drowned in revenge and rage. You could feel it coming off the pages, there are some things and some people you do not mess with. I think I would be brave to an extent but more than likely I would be running for the hills. I just can’t see the light yet, it’s not clear how it will all end but I know it’s going to be bloody, harrowing but tantalisingly good.

I am fully invested in this series, I worry about the characters when I put the book down, there is no way you can not but worry. Plus, it doesn’t help when you hear flies swarming around you when you read it, the hair on your neck raises and it takes all your willpower not…to…look! I know I had a few moments of uncertainty with this book, a few moments where I was unsettled reading it and guess what, spoiler, I love that feeling. I do love a book (or film) that you become immersed in makes the lines of reality and fiction blur just a little bit.

I am excited but apprehensive about reading the last book Anger is Acid, mainly because I don’t what to end the series but also because I just know not everyone is going to make it out alive, especially if this book is anything to go by!!!

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About Michael Clark

Michael Clark was raised in New Hampshire and lived in the house The Patience of a Dead Man is based on. The bats of the barn really circled the rafters all day and there actually was a man-made grove hidden in the forest. He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife Josi and his dog Bubba.

The Patience of a Dead Man is his first novel. Dead Woman Scorned is his second. More to come.

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