Delivery by Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein on Tour 8th – 14th July 2021

Delivery by Emanuela Barasch Rubinstein

Publication Day 8th July 2021 by Holland House Books

Tour Dates : 8th – 14th July

Page Count : 168 pages


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When Daphne becomes pregnant, it isn’t only her life that changes…

For her husband Amir, for their parents, and for their friends Guy and Abigail, the pregnancy and birth force them all to look at their own lives, at what they want, at their pasts and their futures.

Each person has a different perspective of the delivery, and of the complexity of having a child: the difference between men and women, a changing self-perception of parents, conflicts between work and parenthood.

Lives are changed, and the equilibrium each of them has achieved is fundamentally disturbed until, after the delivery, they can find a new balance for the future.

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