#Excerpt from Death on the River by Clare Chase @ClareChase_ @nholten @bookouture

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#Excerpt from Death on the River by Clare Chase @ClareChase_ @nholten @bookouture

Death on the River by Clare Chase
Series: A Tara Thorpe Mystery #2
Published by Bookouture on October 17 2018
Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 367

Meet Tara Thorpe – she’s Cambridge Police’s newest recruit… but her dark past is never far behind her. Perfect for fans of Faith Martin, LJ Ross and Joy Ellis.

When a body is pulled from the dank and dangerous fens on the outskirts of town, everybody assumes it was a tragic accident. But Detective Tara Thorpe, newly joined and determined to prove herself, suspects there’s more to the story.

Tara is desperate to investigate further, but her supervisor Patrick Wilkins has other ideas. He would rather die than let this ambitious upstart show him up – even if it means some digging in Tara’s secret past to keep her under his thumb. After all, it’s not like he can report her – everyone knows that his boss Detective Garstin Blake and Tara have a history…

When another body is found, it becomes clear that there’s a killer on the loose. Could the murders be linked to the secrets that Tara has been keeping from her team… and can she solve the case before another innocent dies?

An unputdownable page-turner that will keep you hooked until the very last page!

I am really excited today to share with you an excerpt from the book Death on the River by Claire Chase. This is the second book in the series, and both books are sitting proudly on my kindle waiting for me, calling me!

So what did everyone think of the first day of the blog tour of Death on the River (click on their names to see the full review)….

Over on Bitsaboutbooks she says “The writing is entertaining, gripping, and pulls you right in. I did not want to do anything else but to finish the book first”

On Jen med’s book review (Guest reviewer Mandie) says “What I love about Clare’s books is that although they may not be fast paced or graphic in their detail they still manage to get you hooked, creating characters that although they have their flaws are not defined by them nor do they impact on their ability to do their jobs.

And finally on Orchard book ClubDeath on the River is the perfect follow on in this gritty series. Clare has a nack of setting a scene and her characters are easy to see as an actual person.”

Wow, it makes me more excited to read more!

So without further ado let us check out what is in store for you…..


Late  September,  the  Fens

Agneta Larsson watched an eel slide off the dead man’s arm as the police divers removed his body from  the car he’d been driving.  The classic  Alfa  Romeo was still partially submerged in the waters of the  Forty  Foot  Drain,  dark  and swirling where the team worked.

Agneta stood at the top of the bank,  clothed  in her white overalls. She’d  observe for now, then move down by the water once the body  was pulled clear to  give her first impressions.  She wouldn’t be sorry to get back to the mortuary at Addenbrooke’s,  though.  It might be where she cut up cadavers,  but  there was something far eerier about the  Fens. 

The  Forty  Foot Drain itself was notorious; countless drivers landed themselves in it has come off the raised road that ran along its bank.  Problems were more common in winter when the weather was bad.  But last night had been a warm autumn evening. The accident investigators would be working overtime to try to find out  what had happened.  Of course, the body might provide the answer:  a  heart attack at the wheel, or too much to drink,  leading to a mistake with catastrophic consequences.

Larsson shivered in the morning air and looked out over the landscape.  All that black soil, and the endless sky.  Flatland,  lonely and bleak,  as  far as the eye could see.  Today, the heavens were almost indigo, and rain fell  in thick droplets, the weather finally breaking after a two-week Indian summer.  The birds were absolutely silent.

It  was  as  though  everything  had  paused,  holding  its  breath. 

And then, at last, the first hint of thunder came;  a  low, angry rumble,  threatening something more.  Above it, she could hear the voice of Detective  Sergeant  Patrick  Wilkins, making light of the scene in front of him.  She knew it was a defence mechanism,  but there were ways and ways of dealing with death.  And now he and Detective  Constable  Max Dimity seemed to be arguing.  She  zoned out.  Wilkins made her feel argumentative too, but this was n’t the time or the place.

It  wasn’t  long  before  they  were  ready  for  her  to  take  a  closer  look. 

She made her way down towards the water, edging forwards,  her weight on the balls of  her feet to avoid slipping on the wet grass. The dead man was dressed in  a white linen shirt and well-cut casual trousers.  The saturation of his clothes meant Agneta could see the shape of  his body underneath;  the  slight thickening of his waist, the lack of  firm definition around his ribcage.  The smell of the water weeds rose off him.

His head was bruised –  probably where it had hit the steering wheel as he ’d crashed.  But it was his right hand and arm that surprised  her.  They  bore  multiple  bruises  too,  and  not  the  sort  she’d expect  from  the  impact  of  his  car  hitting  the  water. She  thought  for  a  moment  about  the  road,  at  the  top  of  the bank.  There  had  been  no  skid  marks – no  sign  that  the  driver  had made  any  attempt  to  avoid  his  fate.  That  suggested  he  might  have passed  out  at  the  wheel  –  have  fallen  asleep  perhaps,  or  simply  been too  drunk  to  display  the  normal  reactions.

But  the bruises suggested otherwise.  They spoke of wild flailing limbs.  His left hand and arm wouldn’t have connected with much, but his right would have hit against the partially lowered driver’s side window and the car ’s frame. The drowned man had thrashed around before he died. If he ’d suffered from seizures,  that  might  explain  the  circumstances, but  then  why  would  he  have  been  driving?  Unbridled  fear up  on  the  road  would  explain  the  bruising  –  and  the  fact  that  hehadn’t  braked.  But  what  could  have  caused  such  a  reaction?

She  sighed.  It  was  pointless  speculating.  She  needed  to  cut  him  open  and  let  the  physical  evidence  speak  for  itself.

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*Thank you so much to Noelle at Bookoture and the author Clare Chase for an extract of this book*

About Clare Chase

Clare Chase writes women sleuth mysteries and recently signed a three-book deal with Bookouture for a new crime series set in Cambridge. The opening book, Murder on the Marshes, is available for pre-order and will publish in July 2018. The mystery follows investigative journalist Tara Thorpe as she teams up with Detective Garstin Blake to solve the murder of a young female professor at Cambridge University. The case takes them through the dark underbelly of Cambridge and in to the murky fens that surround the centuries-old city. Thesecond and third books in the series are scheduled for publication in late 2018/early 2019.

After graduating from London University with a degree in English Literature, Clare moved to Cambridge and has lived there ever since. She’s fascinated by the city’s contrasts and contradictions, which feed into her writing. She’s worked in diverse settings – from the 800-year-old University to one of the local prisons – and lived everywhere from the house of a Lord to a slug-infested flat. The terrace she now occupies, with her husband and teenage children, presents a good happy medium.

As well as writing, Clare loves family time, art and architecture, cooking, and of course, reading other people’s books.

Clare’s debut novel, You Think You Know Me, was shortlisted for the Novelicious Undiscovered Award 2012, and an EPIC award in 2015. It was also chosen as a debut of the month by Lovereading.

You can find Clare’s website and blog at www.clarechase.com

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