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#Excerpt from Tilly by Patricia Dixon @pbadixon @bloodhoundbook @Bombshellpub

I am so excited to have Trish back on my blog today, I am gutted that due to health reasons I had to change my post from a review to an excerpt. I adored Anna (click the book name to see my review) and I struck up a friendship with Trish. I am looking forward to reading Rosie and Ruby and of course this gorgeous book Tilly!

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Well, what is Tilly about then?

Tilly by Patricia Dixon
Series: Anna #3
Published by Bombshell Books on July 30 2019
Also by this author: Anna, Death's Dark Veil

How many people out there say ‘I do’ for the wrong reasons?

Matilda Parker is flying to France for what should be the wedding of her dreams but soon discovers she is about to star in her own private nightmare.

Freda has spent a year planning her daughter’s perfect wedding and nothing is going to ruin it. Not even a house full of relatives, the imminent arrival of her feckless son-in-law-to-be or his irritating parent’s will be allowed to spoil it.

On the other side of the village, Anna has problems of her own. She loves Daniel with all her heart. With all her family about to descend, including her precious sons Joe and Sam, Anna has vowed that nothing will ruin their much awaited summer holiday.

Beneath a sweltering summer sun, two clans, a naughty dog, a gaggle of relatives and friends gather in the Loire. But when a visitor from hell pays a surprise visit and Joe bumps into Tilly, it looks like all of Anna and Freda’s plans are about to go up in smoke…

Oh does this not sound so cute!!! I am sooooooo excited!! It already has a rating of 4.40 on Goodreads! What do these readers think?

Goodreads reviewer says

Dixon’s writing has become more confident and sets out a good solid storyline with competence and skill. Her characters are well drawn out and written with warmth and emotion. They feel so very real, like people you know and would be friends with. I couldn’t see a happy way to end this story but it was carefully and realistically told to give a satisfying, down-to-earth finale. All the characters were thoroughly put to bed by the end of the book and overall, I found it a real pleasure to read.

Goodreads reviewer says

A fantastic read, I just couldn’t put it down. I love how realistic this writing is, I really get quite emotional whilst reading.

Goodreads reviewer says

Her descriptions of people and places make you feel you’ve been there or you know someone just like that. I couldn’t put this book down. Looking forward to the next book!

I think book needs to come with a tissue warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, let us read the short excerpt


Dear Diary

Well, it’s almost here, by this time tomorrow I will be in France and I suppose I will finally have to face up to the fact that I am doomed. There’s no going back now and I’ll have to live with the consequences of my actions forever. I know I’m a spineless, two-faced wimp and it’s all my own fault, but we’ve been round the houses with this and there’s just no way out. Everything is packed and ready to go, my ticket and passport are taunting me from the top of the sideboard and the ‘thing’ is in its box wrapped with a stupid bow. Luke is downstairs watching the news while I’m up here committing what feels like treason, simply by writing these words to you. It’s ironic, isn’t it, that he doesn’t even know about you? That’s how compatible we are! He has no idea that I vent my soul most nights to an imaginary friend who knows my innermost thoughts and with whom I share my deepest feelings. If he did discover your existence I think he would most likely die of shock as he read the words on these pages. Anyway, it’s too late now to change anything so I may as well go to sleep. Thank you for your patience and being such a good listener while I ranted on and explored the recesses of my addled brain. I’m glad you can’t answer back because I dread to think what you would say – although I expect it’s nothing I wouldn’t say to myself. I will update you when and if I have anything interesting or joyous to tell you, which is unlikely, so don’t hold your breath. Night night diary.

Until next time xxx

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Thanks to Heather at Bloodhound books for the tour invite and the author for an excerpt from the book.

About Patricia Dixon

Patricia Dixon was born in Manchester where she still lives with her husband. They have two grown up children and one grandson.

Ignoring her high school reports and possibly sound advice from teachers, Patricia shunned the world of academia and instead, stubbornly pursued a career in fashion. Once the sparkle of London life wore off she returned north and embarked on a new adventure, that of motherhood.

Now, almost thirty years later she has acquiesced to the wise words of her elders and turned her hand to writing. Patricia has written a total of eight novels, the latest is due for release in March 2019.



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