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This book is something else!! I did not realise that when reading When the Snow Bleeds that a character called Hannah had already appeared somewhere. That some where is The Girl Who Died!

What is this book all about?

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Excerpt time! The Girl Who Died @Wendy Dranfield #AuthorTakeOverThe Girl Who Died by Wendy Dranfield
Published by Wendy Dranfield on May 7, 2015
Pages: 176
Also by this author: Who Cares If They Die, Where the Snow Bleeds, Won't You Save Me, Where the Snow Bleeds, The Girl Who Died, Who Cares If They Die, Shadow Falls, Cry for Help, Little Girl Taken, Gone to Her Grave

Fifteen year old Hannah has killed her best friend, Katie. Whether or not it was intentional, only they know.

With the police and Katie’s family desperately demanding answers, Hannah’s world is torn apart as she has to decide what to do next and whether that involves doing the right thing.

Hannah’s choice is made more difficult due to her new closeness with Katie’s older brother, Josh. The traumatic event of Katie’s death unearths secrets best left untold, but to leave them untold would put another life at risk.

This is the exlusive excerpt, hope it does enough to entice you to get the book (It’s also on Kindle Unlimited!)

Chapter One

Her eyes are staring at me, but there’s no life in them anymore. Her skin is already starting to change colour. All that blood escaping from the side of her head is ruining her hair. She looks like she’s trying to out-stare me.

‘First one to blink loses.’

The sound of my voice surprises me. I don’t know how long I’ve been sat here. The quarry we’re in is empty, apart from a black and white horse in the overgrown field nearby. I look up at how far the drop was. Then back at my best friend, who I’ve killed. She’s still looking at me. Her expression doesn’t change but her eyes seem to be looking right through me now, like I’m not here. They’re not as blue as they were earlier today. I’m not sure how to pass the time until I wake up. Surely this is where the dream will end? I must be too hot in bed; that always gives me nightmares. Maybe I fell asleep with my dressing gown on. Katie will freak out when I tell her about this one!

I look back at her familiar round face; my partner in crime. The blood has spread to the front of her head now so that her cheek is pressed into it. She looks like she put on way too much blusher this morning. Her lips are going blue. I can’t stop myself from reaching out to touch her blood. Surely this is what will wake me up? It’s warm. Katie’s blood is warm. I shouldn’t be able to feel that in a dream.

‘Katie, wake up! I’m so sorry! Please Katie, wake up!’

My screams wake the birds who were sleeping in the trees above us. I barely feel my bladder letting go. Even though the July sun is hot, I’m freezing cold. My bones are shivering and my breathing comes in small gulps, like hiccups. I can’t handle this. It’s not real. It can’t be. My arms and legs go numb and I collapse next to Katie. Hopefully we’ll wake up together.

Mum’s not back from work yet. Thank God. It feels weird being home. Was that really the same me who left home this morning, completely oblivious to how bad life can get? I stumble up the stairs towards the bathroom. I need to get out of these disgusting, damp jeans. I fill the bath and sink in. The hot water tries to trick me into believing I’m not evil. No bubble bath today; not for a murderer.

The tears start again. Katie’s in that abandoned quarry, completely alone, while I’m in this safe, hot bath. The heat of the water feels like it’s burning someone else’s skin, not mine. I can’t tell her family what I’ve done, they will literally kill me. I wonder if mum would help me out if I told her. But she’ll be so disgusted with me. Shame works its way up my face, heating my cheeks. If she tells the police, they’ll arrest me. Oh God, what do I do? My whole body is trembling again.

Time disappears. When I next move, I notice the bath water’s gone cold. Not as cold as Katie will feel if she stays in that ditch all night. Every time I think of it I get a stabbing pain in my chest. This is so bad. I wonder what time Katie’s parents will start worrying about her and realise she’s not coming home. She told me they agreed she can stay out until eleven tonight because it’s the start of the school summer holidays.

My eyes are squeezed shut so tightly that I can see a million tiny lights in the blackness. I can hear my heart beating through my brain. I’ve got to sort my face out; it feels like crumpled sandpaper. I pull myself out of the bath and rub steam off the mirror. My reflection shows how sorry I am. My eyes and nose are bright red. The mascara Katie put on me earlier is smeared all down my cheeks. It’s supposed to be waterproof. I attempt to clean my face. Seeing my reflection makes it all real. I look tired and sad. Mum will know something’s up the minute she looks at me. Then again, maybe looking this awful could work for me? Maybe I could close my curtains, get into bed and leave a note for mum telling her I’m not feeling very well? Then she won’t see I’ve been crying. And then, when they realise Katie’s not coming home, I could say that I wasn’t with her so I don’t know where she is. My mind goes into overdrive. Surely anything that gets me off the hook is worth a try?

This tiny speck of hope moves my body into action. I pull my pyjamas on, push the wet jeans under my bed and run downstairs to put a note on the fridge: Got another migraine so came home early. Gone to bed. No dinner thanks.

I have to fight the urge to write how Katie is dead in a ditch, how desperately I need my mum to protect me, and how I’m going to need counselling to block out Katie’s dead face from my mind. I fight back yet more tears as I use a ‘We love Cornwall’ magnet to pin the note on the fridge. I hear mum’s car pulling up in the driveway. As quick as I can I use my last bit of energy to climb the mountainous stairs. I close my curtains and jump into bed, pulling the blanket up over my head.

Wow! This is such a harrowing introduction to the book. It got me hooked when I read it. I was chilled to the bone and I had to know more! Hope it does the same for you !

Some reviews for you to read :

Coffee and TrainSpotting says:- I read this as a buddy-read with my bestie and absolutely enjoyed it. Once I really started to focus on it, I smashed through it in less than a day on work breaks, alone!The characters are enjoyable, the anxieties and the guilt portrayed really hit home with me, not that I’ve ever experienced quite what Hannah has.

Goodreads Reviewers says:- This is an emotionally intense story, probably not for everyone as it tackles heavy themes, but I suspect teenagers deal with those much better than their parents would think. And yes, it’s YA because the main character is a 15-year-old, but I see no reason why older people shouldn’t read it too.

Goodreads Reviewers says:- I know this is a YA book but as an older adult I enjoyed it very much. Quick read – I read it in a few hours. Quick I think because its so good you can’t put it down. Wendy captures the mindset of a teenager so well that it brings you back to that time…The characters are written very well as is the whole plot. A few twists keep the plot going. What I really liked is that it addressed real life issues and that can help someone reading this book whether its a child, a parent, a friend. Looking forward to reading her other books

Amazon Reviewers says:- I found this book enjoyable. It gave an interesting perspective to a number of issues. The author did a wonderful job with the teenage angst and conflicting emotions

Also, check out an old Q&A I found over at Anne Bonny Book Reviews where Wendy discusses this book!

Has this done enough to entice you over to read the book?

Come back tomorrow as I will be sharing my review on The Girl Who Died.

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About Wendy Dranfield

Wendy is the bestselling author of the Detective Madison Harper crime series.

She is a former coroner’s assistant turned crime writer who writes a mixture of standalone thrillers, crime series and short stories. Some of her books have been shortlisted for various writing competitions and awards, including the Mslexia novel writing competition and the International Thriller Writer Awards.

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