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This really is exclusive because Won’t You Save Me is not released until tomorrow! I have had the absolute privilege to read this and you will not be disappointed at all! Now go on, go and read it!

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Excerpt Time! Won't You Save Me @WendyDranfield #AuthorTakeOverWon't You Save Me by Wendy Dranfield
Series: Dean Matheson #3
Published by Ruby Fiction on January 29, 2020
Also by this author: Who Cares If They Die, Where the Snow Bleeds, Won't You Save Me, Where the Snow Bleeds, The Girl Who Died, Who Cares If They Die, Shadow Falls, Cry for Help

Detective Dean Matheson has returned to his hometown to begin his new job and put the traumatic events of his past behind him – but his fresh start won’t last long when the local area is hit by a series of strange disappearances and twisted killings …A nameless girl badly beaten and dumped in front of the mysterious new church.

A shocking murder scene discovered in the apartment over the diner.

A child missing without a trace.

These are the crimes Dean Matheson is confronted with in his first week as detective. Are they isolated events, or is something altogether more disturbing happening in Maple Valley now that Dean’s back in town?

Chapter One

Dr Sheila Didcott is working alone in the morgue. It’s dark outside, with heavy rain hammering against the only window in the room, but she can’t leave work just yet. A dead body has recently been brought in by an ambulance crew, and she’s waiting for someone from Maple Valley Police Department to come take a look.

With her back to the contents of the zipped-up body bag, she selects her clean autopsy instruments: bone saw, forceps, scalpel, enterotome, hagedorn needle, rib cutter and scissors. She lays them out on the steel tray in front of her and checks her watch, with a deep sigh. It’s almost ten o’clock on a cold Sunday night at the beginning of March. She’s hoping she can refrigerate the body overnight and perform the autopsy tomorrow. She can’t wait to get home to Steve and slip into a hot bath to wash off the lingering morgue smell.

As she unties the elasticated band holding back her long red hair, the fly control unit on the wall above her head flickers on and off. She hears a high-pitched buzzing noise that doesn’t last long. The unit has done its job; a large black fly drops to the floor. She likes to keep the morgue clean, so she bends down to pick it up by its wing. As she does this, she hears someone cough. She stands and looks towards the closed door. Finally, they’re here. She throws the fly into the medical waste bin. Then she takes the last sip of her luke-warm peppermint tea, turns back to her instruments and waits. But no-one enters the morgue.

‘What the hell?’

Sheila walks to the door and opens it, looking up at the dark stairwell. The morgue is next door to the police station and under Dr McCarthy’s general practice. The stairwell’s single lightbulb failed months ago so Sheila can’t see much, which is fine because she’s not afraid of the dark.

She’s surprised when there’s no-one there.

‘Could’ve sworn I heard someone cough,’ she murmurs.

Silence fills the room while she stands still, looking up and listening for footsteps. There’s nothing. She slowly releases the door handle, allowing the door to swing shut, but she doesn’t move. Something doesn’t feel right to her. The atmosphere has changed in here and the hairs on her arms stand to attention. Suddenly, she hears a rustling noise behind her. Her blood runs cold but she starts sweating at the same time. There’s absolutely no-one in here but her and the corpse.

Sheila doesn’t believe in ghosts and she’s not afraid of the dead, but as she slowly turns around to face the noise of a zip being undone, she uncharacteristically screams.

The bag is open. The badly beaten body, almost unrecognisable as human, is sat up. And it’s staring at her.

OMG! What an introduction to the book! I do feel for Shelia though, the second book that she has featured at the beginning and it’s another body..well not so much in this one! What do you reckon on this intro?

A couple of early reviews

Goodreads Reviewer says:- One of the things I like most in these books is that some scenes allow the reader to know a little more than the detectives have found out at that point – I enjoy the different kind of suspense that creates. In this one, another thing I particularly liked is that Eva Valdez, that we met in book 2, has really become a second main character. And, because Dean is back in Maple Valley, we get to see several characters from book 1 again.

Goodreads Reviewer says:- Won’t You Save Me was not ideal late night reading for me, so for your own peace of mind, check your doors and windows before starting chapter one. I was immediately gripped by the sheer horror unfolding. A morgue in the dead of night, a pathologist working alone, unexplained human noises. Then a dead body sits up after unzipping themselves from their body bag. It’s all so chillingly described. All is not as it seems with many unexpected twists and turns...The last quarter of the book was ‘unputdownable’. Not to be missed

Do come back tomorrow where I will share my thoughts on this riveting book!

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Click on the picture to see what happens when a body wakes up in a morgue!

About Wendy Dranfield

Wendy is a British crime thriller writer who lives in Nottinghamshire with her husband and 3 rescue cats.

She started writing as a young girl, thanks to her love of reading, and still has some of the ghost and crime stories she wrote back then. She occasionally reads them when she needs a good laugh.

After completing a degree in Creative Writing & Philosophy, Wendy is now both an indie author (of a dark YA novel which was longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition) and a traditionally published author, with several short stories published in UK and US anthologies.

‘Who Cares if they Die’ is her debut novel, published by Ruby Fiction, and Wendy is currently writing the next in the series. They are set in the US and follow Officer Dean Matheson and his mission to become a homicide detective.

Wendy is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and the Society of Authors.

When not writing, she wastes her time on Twitter, complaining about not having enough time to write.



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