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#Extract – Descent to Hell by Nic Parker @NicParkerAuthor @SpellBoundBks @ZooloosBT #SHOctober #DescentToHell #ZooloosBookToursDescent to Hell by Nic Parker
Published by SpellBound Books on October 30, 2021
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
Pages: 308

A child dragged into the underworld.A man forced to enter mankind’s most feared territory…
When Charlie Ward’s beloved niece is kidnapped by a demon, he must find the secret gateway into the one place every human fears.Armed only with courage and determination, Charlie has to survive in a forbidding place filled with despair and anguish, a place that thrives on despair and cruelty.
Charlie must face challenges no mortal should ever have to undertake .Challenges that threaten to claim and destroy his very soul.How far would you go to save someone you love ?.
DESCENT TO HELL is contemporary horror thriller, perfect for readers who like to be scared witless

I have to apologise to Nic and SpellBound due to illness but I haven’t had a chance to finish the book – this will be finished this week though! Instead I am sharing this fab extract!

Max went to the bar where the ancient telephone kept on ringing. She took the receiver but didn’t give her name on answering. The four men watched her react to what the person on the other end of the line was saying. She slightly nodded. ‘Yes.’ She listened some more.

‘Sure, I can do that.’ She nodded again then pinched the bridge of her nose. ‘Yeah, we’ll be right there.’ She hung up. Her eyes sought out Charlie. She came back toward the group of men, infuriated, and Charlie looked around anxiously, relieved to see the black oak chair had not appeared again.

‘Fuck, why didn’t anybody else get the phone?’ Jones, Wulfric and Clarence shrugged and stared at her, curious what the call had been about. Charlie thought his chance had finally come and tried to slip away unnoticed.

‘You stay here, you sorry excuse of a man!’ Charlie knew the insult had been aimed at him but he didn’t stop moving until Wulfric softly grabbed him by his leather jacket. Max stood in front of Charlie, arms crossed.

‘Lucifer just called.’ Charlie thought he had misheard and Wulfric whistled through his teeth. Max didn’t continue until Wulfric urged her to tell them more.


‘He wants to see him’, she pointed at Charlie with her index finger, ‘and Lucifer wants me to bring this imbecile to him.’ Charlie wasn’t sure what this meant for him, his instant doom? Or could it actually become an opportunity for him? Lucifer was supposed to be a fan of making deals. Eventually Charlie would be able to strike a deal with Lucifer.

‘Can Lucifer help me find Susie?’ Wulfric sighed and looked at Charlie like he had said something gravely stupid.

‘You are totally clueless, aren’t you?’

Charlie didn’t like Wulfric hinting at his worst fears.

Max surprised them all. ‘Lucifer mentioned he might be able to help you…’ She looked at Charlie like she couldn’t believe Lucifer considering something as foolish as that.

‘Really? I mean…’ After all, Lucifer was the Lord of Hell! Charlie sensed this was a unique chance for him. New hope sparked inside of him.

Max cut Charlie off by lifting a hand. ‘That is if you manage to make it to his fortress.’ Charlie didn’t hesitate for a moment. He had already made it to Hell, hadn’t he?

‘I will. When can we go?’ Charlie sounded enthusiastic but Max rolled her eyes towards the miserable sky, shaking her head. ‘Why me, for fuck’s sake?’

Wulfric slightly tilted his head to one side. ‘The Gods might act in favour of you at all.’ He offered Charlie his hand and Charlie took it.

‘I never got to ask your name, son.’

‘It’s Charlie.’

Wulfric and the other men introduced themselves properly as Max sulked and didn’t join in. Charlie didn’t know why but somehow he felt he had earned their respect. He was surely being foolish, allowing them to joke at his expense without him being aware of it. ‘Good luck, Charlie, you’ll need it down here.’ Wulfric squeezed Charlie’s shoulder

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About Nic Parker

Nic Parker was born in 1971 and lives in a rural part of Germany with her husband and seven cats. She fell in love with England on a school trip and has been travelling to the UK frequently ever since.
She worked in various jobs, can tell a good garment from crap, can help you find the perfect bra, knows which hotels not to book and knows the tricks of the insurance industry but her favourite job is as a bookkeeper.
Her love for horror stories and anything dark and decaying developed early in her childhood with comics and the old classic movies. The 80s were the most formative years for her when she hunted every gory video nasty she could find and started reading Clive Barker. Her taste for music is still mostly stuck in this decade, as is her undying love for neon and pastel colours.
She was already writing stories as a teenager but was disheartened by people telling her that as an outsider you don’t have any chances of being published. She learned not to trust the nay-sayers and to rather follow her dreams.
Writing is pure escapism for her and she’s happiest when she can conjure up new worlds and nasty characters.
Her hobbies include reading, movies, art, gardening, cooking and travelling to meet with friends.



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