Friday Nights Movies – 26th June 2020 #MovieReviews

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Here are some more movies I have watched in the past week or so, hopefully, something will catch your eye to watch over the weekend. It has been a quiet week this week!


Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa), half human-half Atlantean, goes on a trip of a lifetime. Not only does this adventure compel him to come to terms with his real identity, but it also forces him to discover whether he is entirely worthy of fulfilling his own destiny: becoming a King.

I am so late in the day watching this film but I am glad I did. I am not on the Momoa train but I can see why the women flock to him. He did have some funny one-liners, especially when we meet the “mortal” bad guy. That bad guy I just found so cheesy and his retorts weren’t as fun and made him sound more like a joke then anyone to be feared.

The CGI when the characters were underwater was amazing, the way their hair moved and the suspension of just floating was just mind-blowing. Then the CGI on land, well some of it was just not in the same league and you could tell was obviously faked which was a shame.

Nicole Kidman was in the film, I DID NOT know this and I was over the moon, even more with the fact she was incredibly badass and her fight scenes were phenomenal.

I did enjoy this film, it was kinda a rag to riches film, Momoa had Arthur Curry perfectly, a half-human trying to live a normal life, getting drunk in a bar, ignoring the calling of the sea. Mera, well she is completely badass and I had hair envy, complete hair envy! She is the true Queen of the Atlantis. She proves that she is the true ruler as she helps Arthur on his path.

It was a badass action film, one of the stronger ones from DC. Wonder Woman has yet to be topped, but it was one of my favourite ones out them.

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The eccentrically macabre family moves to a bland suburb where Wednesday Addams’ friendship with the daughter of a hostile and conformist local reality show host exacerbates conflict between the families.

Not going to lie, the main reason I chose this as the family film, well for the theme tune and so I could click my fingers! Right!

This was a good updated version of the film, the great thing about this film is there is no comparison. Yes, you can compare it to the films from the 90s or the TV Show in the 60s but the storyline can not be compared because you can do whatever you want with the story. You can make up the story as you like and the story worked here.

The “freaks” aka The Addams Family are living their lives secluded from everyone, a solitary life just them and their extended “freaks” of family and friends. Wednesday does not want this anymore and she wants to go to a normal school, with the normal children and strikes an uneasy friendship with Parker. Her mother is the face of the town Affirmation, and this leads to conflict.

It is a story we have not seen many times in other films before but it was still fun, still a few jokes in there for the adults and still a good time to watch with the family. It is, however, not the dark and macabre that you may remember, as it’s aimed at children it can’t be. Morticia hating Wednesday wearing a pink dress was funny though!

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Hal (Timothée Chalamet), wayward prince and reluctant heir to the English throne, has turned his back on royal life and is living among the people. But when his tyrannical father dies, Hal is crowned King Henry V and is forced to embrace the life he had previously tried to escape. Now the young king must navigate the palace politics, chaos and war his father left behind, and the emotional strings of his past life – including his relationship with his closest friend and mentor, the aging alcoholic knight, John Falstaff (Joel Edgerton). 

This has been on the list for a while and when it was chosen to watch I just wasn’t in the mood for it. The opening scenes started and I thought oh here we go it’s going to be slow and boring…HOW WRONG WAS I!

This film is of Henry V, I do not pretend to know much about him but whenever I watch a film I then have to read everything about that film, even when I am watching it, there are a few things that are inaccurate but it’s Hollywood and they want to make money so they change the history. It was interesting to see how Hal, aka Henry V, came into power and then the struggles he endured, especially with a war with France is imminent. Hal does not want to fight, he wants to be left alone and to brood in this life he does not want to live, but events happen and he has to take part in this battle.

Robert Pattinson’s character as the Dauphin was the comic relief and I loved reading about the direction the director told him to take, it just worked. It is a long movie, maybe 20 minutes too long but the story does need some care. The battle scenes at the end with the fake battle were unreal and you could feel the panic as the soldiers began to sink in the mud. It was terrifying!

I had not heard of the actor who played Henry V, but he has acted his socks off, he was perfect as the young, drunken and brooding King, sullen in a position he doesn’t care for, but he shows his true spirits when he embraces his role as King. When he learns of the assassination plot against and the penny drops for me who was behind it all, the instigator you feel for Henry. Ultimate betrayal and the way he dealt with it was just class.

I really do not think I can find a fault with the film it is a masterpiece (if you ignore the historical facts). It has made me want to learn more about the King.

Definitely one to be watched!

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Have you watched any of these? Anything you recommend that I watch?

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