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So I am absolutely rubbish in keeping up to date lately with sharing some fabulous guest posts that some bloggers I have started chatting to!! We are going to start doing a series of guest posts for each others blogs so be sure to check them out.

So today, I welcome Rebecca Hill, as she shares with us her love for reading!

Guest Post

A… B…C… Reading is for ME!

In my house, there has been a lifelong obsession with books. Growing up, we had books everywhere. That love of books has followed me since! I have bookcases all over the place. Kindles are full. The library is just a short drive down the road. Having access to a book has always been one of the best ways to relax. The only time that I can remember not having ready access to any book was while I was in Basic Training with the United States Army. Even then, I begged one of the Drill Sergeants to find me ANYTHING to read. (He did by the way – a old, super boring manual on tanks. But you can bet, I read every word).

Growing up, books were a way to fuel our imagination. But it was also a way for us to unwind after a crazy day. We used to gather in the living room in the late afternoon and read out loud together. Talk about some great adventures! We journeyed to a hundred different places and discovered new worlds.

While in a recent discussion about the person or persons who inspired our love of reading, it made me take a step back to childhood. I would have to say that my parents really fostered that love of reading in each of us. Birthdays and Christmas were always great book giving opportunities. However, in between, they never lost a chance to sit and share books with us or ask about what we were reading. My dad was one who really guided my love of history, and that has not changed at all. I still love diving into a “dusty old book” and gleaning knowledge from those pages. My mom brought me the classics, and the writers of old who penned such lovely works of art.

However, the library was a wonder each time! There were always new books to dive into, and grand new adventures just waiting to be taken. As my parents nurtured the love of reading in my siblings and myself, I am trying to pass on to my children. There is just something amazing about a book. It is a feeling of wonder and curiosity. Between the pages of different books there lies a brand-new journey. To lose oneself for a few hours is to regain a sense of calm. More importantly, it fosters the imagination, keeping your brain more agile. Imagination is truly one of the greatest gifts that we can share.

Share the love of reading with someone you know. Books can do more than provide an hour or two of quiet time. They promote well-being, a vast vocabulary, and best of all – the love of reading!

Be so much fun getting to know Rebecca aka A Tale of Two Pages , be sure to stalk her

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