Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #1

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So I have seen this post going around recently, started by the lovely Meggy at Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles she is on number 18 this week! And I have also been checking out the posts this week by Kelly @ From Belgium with Book love, Danielle @ The Reading Closet (Click on their blog name to check out their posts!) and I thought I would join in too. I have had a rubbish couple of weeks but it’s always good to focus on the positives!

So my positives!!

  • Not being ill from over 2 weeks now and finally getting back to being me!
  • Having so many lovely bloggers check in with me to make sure I am ok and to tell me off!
  • Having a lovely weekend last week with one of my oldest friends, sitting in the garden having a BBQ and up until silly o’clock catching up
  • Mini Me getting an absolutely amazing end of Year report and chuckling that she is exceeding in self-confidence and self-awareness – no shocks there!
  • Reading a book that was not for a tour and absolutely loving it! The Night She died by Jenny Blackhurst – review soon!
  • Reaching 100 reviews on NetGalley
  • Going to Paul Burston’s book launch for The Closer I Get and meeting bloggers, Paul and the infamous Karen!
  • Seeing Martin (The Beardy Blogger) again at the book launch and keeping me in check (Again!) No photos doh! But he has become such a good friend to me, good egg ah! ❤
  • My #shallowtribe you ladies are epic and every day have me in stitches about something – thank you, keep being shallow lol
Just for you both xx
  • Enjoying the sunshine and having lunch down the beach, beautiful!
  • Receiving an email to let me know that my Reading ticket will be dispatched soon eek!!
  • Re-doing my blog….again and maybe leaving it alone now?!

I think that is it for my week! I have probably forgotten things but more than I thought lol. What a week!!

How has your week been??

Until next time xxx



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15 responses to “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #1

  1. Oh you joined in, I’m so happy 😍 Also: you can always count on me to tell you off 😂😉😘 And I love your new design!

    • Zoé

      Well I thought it would be good to join in and it’s nice to look back on the positives! Yes I want to always count on you telling me off!! Full time job don’t forget! 😘Aw thanks lovely! I might leave it alone one day 🤣🤣🤣xx

    • Zoé

      Aw thanks!! Since being ill I am trying new things so this is one of them and every week I see the fab posts! Thank you ❤️