Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #2

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So I am back for another week of the Positivity Wave! Although I am not feeling very positive, as I am tired and ill again with potentially the same thing I had a couple of weeks ago! However, I have been making notes throughout the week of all the positives! Be sure to check out Meggy’s post over at Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles the creator of this and this week Nikki at The Secret Library book blog is back with her post!

What positives am I shouting about this week?

  • Last Friday in the last school assembly of the year, mini-me got a certificate for 100% attendance in her first year! Only she and her friend Aisha got them. I mean it’s not like I sent her in after I had taken her to A&E or anything ?
  • On Friday night, I and my friends went to mini-me’s school camp out where people were staying over in tents on school grounds, we didn’t. But, we beat the Dads on a wipeout event and got chocolate buttons!
We really weren’t competitive!
  • On Saturday, 7 mums with 7 children went to Chiswick to a Food Festival! I spent £15.00 on cheese! Yes, Cheese! Best £15 ever! These 7 children have been friends since nursery and we love doing meet up like this!
  • Teasing everyone with mine and Steph’s feature of NostalgiAAARGH and snapping photos and preparing our first review – due tomorrow
  • Shallow tribe as always being epic??
  • Some awesome tweets this week I have received (I have lost count of my nicknames now from Kelly and Martin!)
  • Making so many new friends on Twitter and book club chats!
  • A mini girlie night with mini-me, watching a movie and eating crisps!
  • Having lunch down the beach with a friend from work and having a lovely hour in the sun
  • Having a lovely evening out with friends bar being ill today
  • All the awesome compliments on me leaving my hair natural and let the curls go crazy! Who would have thought people would prefer the curls!?
  • Ending with today, it was mini-me’s last day of Reception class! Where has the time gone? It has been one of the toughest years we had to deal with, and there was a LOT of struggle! But the fact me and mini-me survived it and so much stronger together.
How time flies!

I think that has been my week! How has your week been?

Until next time xxx



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