Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #4

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Be sure to check out Meggy’s post over at Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles the creator of this fun little post. Check out Danielle’s post at The Reading Closet and Kelly’s post at From Belgium from Book Love too with their positives from the last couple of weeks ❤

Well, I forgot to take notes this week so using my memory here are some of my positives……

  • Nice family night on Friday, with my two mum friends, partners and children, planning future dates in the diary to do things. Even though I was (and still am) off my food, it was fun!
  • Getting excited reading about the Marvel line up for the next few years – FULL GEEK MODE HAS COMMENCED
  • Finishing and loving Miracle Creek by Angie Kim (review tomorrow)
  • Receiving the most epic, amazing, surprise book post from Orenda!!
Aren’t they just so pretty!!!
  • Taking mini-me swimming and messing around in the flumes, jumping in off the side followed by a movie night.
  • Ending the day with Titus Welliver liking a few of my tweets ?????? I was fangirling so much!
  • Watched the film Shazam and could not stop laughing! Was nice to drool at Mark Strong….I mean it was nice to chill out and do my sewing whilst watching a film! *ahem*
  • Sunday saw me and mini-me having a nice chilled time watching this awful TV show which is meant to be a documentary on a dance school and strangely getting addicted to it! Can I go and watch the next episode?
  • Then going on a family bike ride at Bettshanger park….the saddle sore after was not a positive! It was nice to go cycling and clear my head
  • Remembering my Dad as it was 10 years ago I lost him, and mini-me dancing around the house with me to Elvis
  • Playing “Old Town Road” on repeat for 25 minutes as mini-me loves this song and she knows most of the words – eeek (Better than the time she would only sing Power by Little Mix!!)
(Skip to 1minute 41 for the song, although it is a fun video)
  • Wearing a couple of new dresses to work and getting so many compliments about how I looked (Some must have paid them lol)
  • Having a really productive week at work and clearing so much backlog, amazing what can happen when you have no staff!
  • The awesome comments to my #NostalgiAAARGH picture and the fab picture Steph did too! Here they are…

And I think that is a wrap for this week! It has been another week of not being very well, so we won’t focus on that!!

What are your positives from the week?

Until next time xxx



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14 responses to “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #4

  1. It is too bad you are feeling under the weather. I hope you improve soon. You had some wonderful moments during the week to keep you in a good frame of mind.