Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #6

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Well, I am back, I missed last week as I really did not feel positive. But I am sucking it up and focusing on the greats this week! (Remember this is two weeks!). As you know this feature was created by Meggy over @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles .

  • It is finally time for me to get EXCITED TO BE GOING TO THE READING FESTIVAL! Sunday here I come. Apparently, I have loads of glitter and face jewels to look forward to!
  • Davo is keeping up her daily countdown until the Capital Crime Festival, and as of today, we are on 34 days!
  • My tribe, every day there is something to keep me smiling – I can not express how important these ladies are to me!
  • Inge posting her BFF post about me and then Kelly declaring I was a BFF lol in between the shock of my birthday! Check out the post here… And I just checked back and saw all the fab comments – you guys! That put a huge smile on my face!!!
  • Basically taking over Nikki’s weekly round post over at The Secret Library, with not 1 post, not 2 posts but 3!!!! YES 3!!! She enjoyed my reviews on Who’s That Girl, Careless Whisper and Blind Date And she also shared my BFF post – so 4 links for me! Check out her post here and read up the other fabulous posts that she loved to!
  • The amount of fun that Step and I had on our #NostalgiAAARGH posts! This was on so much more fun as we did a Blind Date feature introducing a new character called Killer Rack. Check out Part One and Part Two of our feature and reviews!
  • I hit my Goodreads challenge of reading 120 books and it was Careless Whisper that got me over the finish line.
  • Not one visit but two visits to Leeds Castle. Ok so one day might have been slightly wetter than the other!!
  • Twinning with mini-me
  • Some fab tweets!
Making Cupcakes
  • Seeing the line up for the author event happening in Folkestone in October!
Cannae wait!

And I think that is wrap! So Reading festival on Sunday CAN NOT WAIT!

What positives have you had the last couple of weeks? Link your posts up so I can check them out or let me know in the comments!

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10 responses to “Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #6

  1. Woooow, what a post!!! I feel the happy vibes!!!!
    You’re the best to have as a BFF <3
    I am gutted I won't see you at Capital Crime but I am glad to know you'll have a fantastic time!
    LOVE your pictures!!!
    So many things to say! Nicki picked wonderful posts 😀 Congrats on reaching your reading goal! I also reached mine a few days ago, it feels good, doesn't it? Thank you so much for your lovely post! xxx

    • Zoé

      Ah thanks Meggy! I am playing catch up with the posts so haven’t checked them out yet.
      Oh Danielle said you were coming to it, oh gutted thought I might finally get to meet you ?
      Oh it feels fab and now I’m doing less tours it’s nice to know I’m reading for me! Xxxx