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Her Broken Wings by D.K. Hood @DKHood_Author @Bookouture @nholten40 #BookReview #BlogTour #DetectiveKaneandAlton #HerBrokenWings #NetGalleyHer Broken Wings by D.K Hood
Series: Detectives Kane and Alton #8
Published by Bookouture on March 9 2020
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The sound that wakes her from sleep is unmistakable—someone is in their house. She listens as heavy footsteps start up the stairs, and as the bedroom door is flung open, she doesn’t even have time to scream…

Following a frantic emergency call in the middle of the night, Detective Jenna Alton arrives at a secluded family home to find the body of Lucas Robinson lying in a pool of his own blood in his bed. His wife Carol, shivering in shock, has just watched an intruder shoot her husband in cold blood.

As Jenna investigates the murder, she soon discovers that Lucas was having an affair. And when his mistress is also found strangled to death in the center of the small town, Jenna is convinced that the murderer is living amongst them.

When the killer escalates with a mass murder at a remote ranch on the outskirts of Black Rock Falls, Jenna knows for sure that she’s dealing with a murderer more twisted than any other she’s faced before.

As the town begins to fill with revelers for the annual Halloween festival, Jenna has to work fast to stop any more lives being taken. But as the killer always seems to be one step ahead of the investigation, has she finally met a murderer who can outsmart her?

My Review

Woohoo, it’s PUBLICATION DAY!!!! What a better way for me to celebrate this than share my review of this book and do check out Claire at A Knight Reads as she is with me today!

I know I say this every time but please can I have more Rowley! There was just nowhere near enough of him this time!! But I can forgive Ms Hood just this once mind you because I did enjoy the new FBI support team in Jo Blake and Ty Carter, two new unknown quantities and it felt like they fitted in straight away. What is also nice, it widens the net for support both professionally and as a friendship for all members. It’s pretty isolated being Jenna, Kane and Shane but they have always had each other. Whether the newbies will be invited to know their secrets will be one thing but until then, it feels like friends in our little family and I love this!

And we have new animals!! Zorro is Ty’s dog, again I hope we have more of him! But we have a cat, I am so happy about this, plus I love its name -Pumpkin! I love this because it’s my mini me’s nickname so this did make me smile! Plus this cat was badass!

Well, it’s near Halloween so it must be the hunting season in Black Rock Falls, by this I mean for my favourite duo Jenna and Kane. This time it appears that serial killers really do flock to the town to try and outwit Jenna, seriously when will they learn!

This is most definitely the darkest and twisty one in the series! An ending I didn’t see coming, brutal killings and so much suspense it was just palpable. How Hood gets her inspiration I will never know…in fact, maybe I don’t want to know!

Straight from the opening page, it was horrific and, and yes my favourite word, brutal! I really did not see how the beginning could ever relate to a home invader and then on to the other deaths. But once the thread is picked the web unravels and well we still don’t see! This time I felt it wasn’t until Ms Hood decided it was time to let us know because even once we got the bad guy, we were left with a lot of pondering. Man, that was good!

Already it’s been teased that book 9 will be darker, now I am a bit unnerved by this, because of 8 is the darkest yet….just how much darker are we talking! I want Jenna and Kane and the team to enjoy their skiing and their time away, let’s not ruin that just yet, Ah?

There are a whole host of themes running through this book and they are all tackled, in my opinion, with care and precision. The most interesting of them all, I felt could have had more focus, was the one surrounding the killer. What that is, well I can’t say, but it fascinates me for sure! If you want to know, go get a copy of the book!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this outing, yes the deaths are way more, I can’t say brutal again, rough and inhuman (how do you like that!!). We are left breathless at times watching the team, being watched, whilst solving the murders, it’s just one big game! I devoured this book, just like I do with all the books and now I am left feeling bereft as I have to wait for book 9! Can I sulk for a bit now?!

Until next time xxx

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About D.K Hood

I’ve always had a wicked sense of humor, and was the kid who told the ghost stories around the campfire.
I am lucky to have family all over the world and have spent wonderful vacations in many countries. I love the rugged beauty of Montana and can’t wait to return.
I use the memories from my travels to enhance my stories.

My interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. It was one subject I enjoyed studying and with the constant advances, it never gets boring.

I enjoy writing crime, mystery and thrillers. With many stories, waiting for me to write I’ll look forward to sharing many spine tingling stories with you.

D.K. Hood is an active member of International Thriller Writers.

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