I have been nominated!!!!!!!!!!!! *scream*

Posted April 6, 2018 by Zoé in Blog, Reviews and Stuff / 0 Comments

Ok, so I remember reading about the annual blogger bash awards last month and saying to my friends that by the end of next year I would love to be nominated for an award. Not to win – but that would be amazing but to be nominated so I knew what I was doing was being noticed by people and they appreciated my musings. Well, my friends said they were going to nominate me to be shortlisted for the Best Newcomer award, but I didn’t actually expect to hear anything. Then today came 6th April 2018, and I completely forgot today was the day that nominations were going to be announced. Clean forgot!

I logged onto Facebook as someone had commented on the picture I took at lunchtime of the beach, and the first thing I see was the announcement that voting was now open for the awards! So I thought I would have a gander at which bloggers had been nominated and for what, I saw names I fully expected to see and was happy for them! And then I looked down to Best Newcomer…… and I nearly dropped the phone!!! I was shaking so much (and it still hasn’t sunk it). I ran into the office next door to tell my friend and all I could say was F**K a few times! I was (still am) in shock! I then did a run around the office!


I then sent a screenshot of my name in the nominations list to my friends and they were over the moon, I had even made their day!! I am so excited to be nominated, I never thought this would happen!!!!

So please please please vote for me! I would love to be in with the chance to win!  The link is below for you to vote



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