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If I Fall by Merilyn Davies
Series: Carla Brown & Nell Jackson #1
Published by Arrow on August 20, 2020
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
Pages: 386
Also by this author: When I Lost You

Four friends gather for a university reunion in a rooftop bar in Oxford.

One of them falls from the roof - but did she jump or was she pushed?

And what is the dark secret that connects them?

What another belter of a book and this time I felt more anger with the subject matter! This may be book two with Carla and Nell, but you do not need to have read When I Lost You, but crikey you should it is such an amazing story. It was fab seeing Nell and Carla, Paul and Bremner again, I mean ok I know I only finished book 1 last night but I just could not wait until I could be back with the team again. However, this time the case affects two of them rather directly.

We not only see the insights into the case, the suspected but into Nell and Carla’s personal lives and to be honest, they are both in a bit of a mess. Carla is feeling the repercussions from the last book due to her behaviour and well, this case is making Nell’s head hurt a lot. What I love about these women are they are so unbelievably flawed and it makes them so much more human to the reader. Their friendship is growing despite a few niggles, they are still there for each other, with a couple of bottles of wine to sink. I would love to learn more about Paul and Bremner, I just feel their stories take a back seat so it would be interesting to see what they are like. I do, however, like where one storyline is ever so slightly implied, maybe heading!

This case had me riled to my back teeth, as there is nothing in the blurb I am going to be deliberately vague. At first, there are no clear indications of what links everyone and why. When we find out, Jesus (probably not the right word here!) I was seething. All the suspects in hand, bar one, are awful and horrific people and thoroughly deserve what they got. The abuse, the torture everything. The lead into all of this is someone falling off a roof, this is the catalyst for the darkness we are about to see. Some of the things I was reading just had me so shocked, do these places really exist?

Wow! It is another book where Ms Davies has just blown me away again. What a storyteller she is! Again, she leads you to the main suspect in the case, you suspect them, you pin them for it all, but then…THEN….she throws some plot twists AGAIN and it always makes me question my own sanity. How the heck does she fool me again!? If I Fall is such a riveting read, I was hooked so much so I blasted nearly 300 pages in one sitting, well I had a tea and toilet break, but again it was a book that just would not let go until you got to the final page. Even though we got an ending we wanted, it was still pretty bittersweet and again it showed us a dark world of nature vs nurture. One where your beliefs are questioned and just how far do you take these beliefs.

Now to wait impatiently to see what Ms Davies does next, I just know I will be fighting to get my hands on the book to devour as soon as I can. I mean I have done her 2 books in 2 nights, feel kind of bereft now. Bit book hungover. Urgh….roll on book 3!!!!!

Be sure to keep an eye out on publication (4th March) as I have a giveaway to win a proof of this amazing book!

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