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I am really excited today, do you know why? It is because I managed to bag an interview with Detective Dean Matheson. That is right, the man of the hour! Eeeek! Ok I will take a breath while I get over the nerves!

Because Wendy says she thinks of Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer it only seemed fitting to have a picture of Henry when reading this….

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*Swoon* Presenting Dean Matheson contender

Hey Dean! How are you today? How’s Eva and Rocky?

Hey, Zoé. I’m good, thanks. Rocky’s currently with Jones at Frankie’s Diner. Probably eating too many pancakes. He’s okay but he’s an old dog now and suffering with his arthritis a little. It doesn’t stop him eating enough for two dogs though.

How’s Eva? I don’t know if anyone knows the answer to that question to be honest. She keeps her cards close to her chest. She’s a tough nut to crack but I’m slowly getting there. Just don’t tell her I said that.

Did you have a good start to the day?

Well, I couldn’t find my car keys and then Eva turned up to give me a ride to work but now she’s mad at me because I was running late. I’m not good at time keeping and it drives her crazy. She’s early for everything. We’ve got to head to the hospital today because a woman was found badly beaten and dumped by the side of the road last night. It’s our first case together and I can’t wait to get started.

This does not sound like a great start at all….hang on I am sure I have read this somewhere already….

How would you describe yourself in only 3 words

Insecure. Unlucky. Funny.

You are definitely funny!

Is it a good feeling being back at Maple Valley and as a Detective? Miller still about?

It feels great to be back at MVPD but not much has changed since I left. Miller’s still an asshole, Marty’s still a joker and the residents of the town are still causing trouble. The only thing that’s changed is we have a new forensics technician at the station; Maggie. She’s cat crazy and a little scary if I’m honest. She actually has photos of her cats all over the walls of her office. If I’d have done that with Rocky I would’ve been ridiculed but no-one bats an eye when it’s a woman with her cats…

Oh god Maggie is definitely crazy! You sure do like to get yourself involved in a lot of adventures! A few where I have had my heart in my throat and grey hairs to show for it, so how the hell do you unwind for the day?

Tequila, mostly. That’s Eva’s fault, she keeps bringing it over. She likes to watch horror movies but not alone because she’s scared of them. Not sure why she watches them in that case but there’s no reasoning with Eva. When she’s not here the house can feel a little empty. I’ve been missing Rocky since I got back from Colorado but Jones lets him stay over some nights. Now I’ve finally made detective I’m not getting much spare time.

If you do get a rare Sunday afternoon off, how do you like to spend?

Walking Rocky and visiting Jones. Jones is a little lonely since he lost his wife and since he retired from the force. He has two new house guests now though so things are getting better for him.

Oh I love Jones and of course Rocky!! Do you have a favourite song?

I’m not one for music, to be honest. I’m too busy and impatient to sit still for long enough to listen to anything these days.

If you dressed up for Halloween who would you be?

Beth Smith. But that would get me in a lot of trouble. Maybe Miller, but that wouldn’t go down well either.

OMG! I spat my tea out drinking this, that would be hilarious I dare you to do it!

What is your greatest fear?

That I turn out to be the worst detective in the history of law enforcement and it means everything I’ve been through was all for nothing. That would be hard to take.

That is just not happening at all! You have been fantastic so far!

Ok, final question before you rush back to work, do you have a favourite joke?

How many cops does it take to throw a man down the stairs?

None. He fell, sarge.

LOL I might have to borrow this joke! Brilliant.

Thank you so much Dean for your time and say hi to everyone for me!

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Because you can never have too many Henry aka Dean pictures

Come back tomorrow for an excerpt from Who Cares If They Die where it all begins for Dean and Rocky!

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