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Slumber Party by Christopher Pike
Series: Point Horror #1
Published by Hodder & Stoughton on January 1, 1985
Pages: 128

It was the perfect weekend...for murder.

Lara thought the ski trip should be a blast. The old gang was getting together again for the first time in years. What could be better than six single girls out for sun and ski and apres ski -- plus a huge house and a warm fire? Even with the memory of what had happened the last time, it looked like the perfect weekend. Until things started to go wrong....

It wasn't much at first -- a snowman that melted when it shouldn't have, a weird phone call. But then somebody went out for "one last run" and didn't come back. And the storm they heard about on the radio was getting worse. Lara thought everyone was up there for a good time. But she was beginning to realize that someone was up there for murder.

Well, the day has finally come! The first post for our joint venture of NostalgiAARGH! A couple of months ago me and Steph @ Bookshine and Readbows starting talking about our love for Point Horror books! How cheesy they were and how they took over most of our teens! Steph looked up the order of the books we were to read, and we had to obviously start from the beginning. The beginning? Well, you are here, it is with Slumber Party by Christopher Pike. Alongside our reviews we are also asking each other questions about the book, so do before sure to check out Steph’s post to see my answers to her questions, and you will find hers below. So are you ready for the fun to begin!

My Review

I really do not remember reading this book when I was a young teen! I do not know how I missed this one as I am adamant that I have read them…obviously not!

One of my first thoughts, when I sat back reading this book, was god this is like watching a cheesy 80’s slasher film. The opening scenes, it’s peaceful, six girls meeting up at a ski resort for a girl’s slumber party, all day skiing and then an evening of fun, seriously what could go wrong! Cue all the cheesy happy music you can think of, the odd old man known as “The Colonel” who takes their keys and moves the cars, the mysterious melting snowman….I mean seriously nothing could go wrong could it!

Well you would be wrong about that wouldn’t you, I mean come on! You have 6 six girls on holiday, 3 seemed to be permanently on heat! So far you get the picture, the pretty vixen one, the quiet one, the funny one, the “chubby” one, the normal one, the clingy one. Cue some “hot” boys, well two of them, and the bitch fest starts with Lara and Rachael who both want the same guy. Random things happen, a friend disappears, people are shifty, but all they care about is a paaarrrrttttyyyyyyyyyyy! Yeah, that is right, your BEST FRIEND IS MISSING BUT YOU JUST TALK ABOUT WANTING TO KISS THE BOY YOU FANCY! Duh! How these girls became friends I will never know, with the sly remarks, the digs about homecoming queen, they seem to not like each other!

Don’t get me wrong, this was 128 pages of escapism, reliving a youth I am so glad I didn’t have. I loved that it was set in a ski resort, to add to the tension, the isolation, the coldness contrasting to the fire. Now the fire plays a HUGE part in this book, melting snowman anyone, but you do not realise how much it plays until the past has been revealed. God, this was actually a sad and heartbreaking tale of Nicole, Nell’s sister, the one missing from this happy reunion. The wedge that broke these friends before their reunion.

For the first book in our readathon was good fun. Was it the best book I ever read…erm no, but it was a lot of fun to read. A lot of eye-rolling and ‘seriously’ due to the behaviour of some of the girls, a couple of comments about anorexia was said which in this day and age you would never get away with, all just shows how the world has changed since the ’80s.

As a debut, it is a great start for Pike and his dark world. He is showing how much of an impact he can make in those short pages. Thrusting a crazy situation with a bit of a love story, a bit of intensity, how will it all play out? Will it be all pillow fights and giggles? Or will it something far more sinister? Just be worried if you find yourself at a slumber party and the snowman you made melts……RUN

After all that fun, I asked Steph some questions about the book!

  • For you, what was the best bit about the Slumber Party?

Steph : The reveal scene and how it completely changed our views of some of the characters. People were forced to work together and put their petty differences aside. I love a bit of teamwork! 😊

  • If you could read this story from another person’s point of view, who would you and why?

Steph : Celeste. She’s the outsider of the group so her perceptions of the personalities and the dynamics are likely to be very different to Lara’s. plus she is less boy-obsessed so might have been a bit more pro-active about finding out what was really going on.

  • Final question! If the Slumber Party was a movie who would you cast?

Steph: OMG this is hard!!

Rachael would be Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls 2004

Mindy would be Heath Morris from Glee 2009

Lara would be Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games 2008

Dana would be Jamie Donnelly in Grease 1978

Nell would be Elizabeth Berkely in Saved by the Bell 1989

Celeste would be Bonnie Wright in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2010

And bonus ones!

Percy would be Robert Pattinson in Twilight 2008

Cal would be Heath Ledger in 10 Things I hate about you 1999

(Top L-R) – Heath Ledger, Robert Pattinson

(Middle L-R) – Elizabeth Berkely, Jennifer Lawrence, Heather Morris, Rachel McAdams

(Bottom L-R) Jamie Donnelly, Bonnie Wright

WOW! I completely agree with this!! Thanks Steph, Bookshine and Readbows!

Do check out her fabulous review and my answers to her questions here

Be sure to give her a stalk on Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Instagram

Until next time xxxx

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