It’s a TakeOver, an #AuthorTakeOver and #Giveaway time! @DrCJMerritt

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Well it’s starting again, another Author TakeOver and another author to put on your radar, well if he is not already there! The author this time is, none other than the other half of a #dreamteam, Chris Merritt!

It was a no brainer to ask if he wanted to take part, I have loved the Zac Boateng series, we got paired up as part of Sarah Hardy’s feature for Morecambe and Vice and then I finally got to fangirl and meet him in the flesh at the Capital Crime festival – fun times!!

I admit I read the Zac Boateng series in the completely wrong order but I think I quite like the wrong order! And now I have been introduced to a new series, Lockhart and Green but rumour has it we might see a familiar face, unfortunately I can neither confirm nor deny this comment.

So, yes I said there was a Giveaway to kick off this takeover! It is a pretty fun way to enter too! I will be posting this on Twitter for you to answer, it can be any Gif to answer too, there are 8 prizes to be won, if I wasn’t running the giveaway I would be entering! Not at all jealous LOL.

1st Prize – A signed set of the Zac Boateng books

2nd Prize – 2x signed copies of Knock Knock (Publication 17th March 2020)

3rd Prize – 5x Audiobook copy of Knock Knock

How amazing is this giveway!!!! Over the next week or so, we will be taking a look at each of the books, you know just to encourage you to pick them up and enter the competition!

So, how do we enter I hear you ask?! (If you aren’t why not!!) It is simple and it’s fun! It’s a simple question that needs to be answered either with words or a gif 😉

Knock Knock….who’s there???

See simple! It can be anything or anyone you like! Look forward to seeing your responses!!

Here is a link to the tweet

So this is Day 1! Many more days of fun to come!

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