It’s Grilling Time – An Interview With Mandy James @amandajames61 #AuthorTakeOver

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I finally got the chance to ask Mandy some questions, and I loved reading this Q&A, although I wish I had snuck some more questions in there 😉 I feel you really get a shine for Mandy’s mischevious personality in this!

We obviously have to start off with the “serious” questions…..

Where is your favourite place to write?

Where I do write is at home, often in my bedroom, sometimes on the sofa. A favourite place would be in a beach house. You know, the one I’m going to buy when Hollywood makes all my books into film? Then I can gaze out over the ocean and float around the place being all writerly.

California Beach House - WSJ

If you get something like that, I hope I would get an invite!! Ok, a bit of a tough question but is there a subject you would never write about and if so why?

Child and animal abuse in any detail. I would feel very uncomfortable doing that. We see enough of it in real life. Books are meant to provide entertainment and escapism. I suppose that’s why I’ve moved away from suspense now. My last suspense was Dark Deception.

As I have said before I will read whatever you write, even if it is a shopping list. You always hook us in the from the very beginning! Out of all your books that I am showcasing, which one is your favourite, and you have to choose one!

That’s a tricky one too! I have a soft spot for my time travel books. But I did enjoy writing The Calico Cat. It’s about a woman – Lottie – who leaves her teaching job and sets off along the South West Coast Path. A very headstrong and determined woman. No idea why I like it so much…

Ok, last of the “serious” questions…..Are you working on anything now *nudge nudge wink wink*

I’m working on a sequel to The Cornish Connection. It’s a cross between speculative fiction and cosy crime with a psychic twist. This book is with my agent and hopefully will see the light of day sometime this year. A sequel is very tricky, because you have to make sure that it can be read as a stand-alone. Not everyone will have read the first, before they read the second. But at the same time, you have to include characters and storyline from the first book in the sequel, for the ones who have read the first. But you have to avoid repetition! I might need a lie down in a beach house bedroom. The floor to ceiling French doors will be open to catch the gentle salt breeze and the gauzy curtains will waft in it, while I look on, in a mysterious and writerly way.

California Beach House - WSJ

Here is a reminder of the beach house, I know this might not be your beach house but I would love it to be mine!!! Really looking forward to the Cornish Connection!

Ok, what to ask next…..Do you have a writing Kryptonite?

What harms my creative process, do you mean? Real life!

That sounds ominous! LOL Is there one question you have always wanted to be asked and how would you answer it?

Erm…erm…..I have no idea.

Well, I will have to make sure I cover all my basis then! How do you select the names of your characters?

My characters are normally Cornish, so I look up Cornish names. Sometimes they just pop into my head.

Easy way to do it! But are any of the character based on real people or are they all from your crazy imagination?

They mostly come from my imagination, but sometimes I put traces of real people in there! I have been known to put people who annoy me in certain characters and then make bad things happen to them 😊 Also, there is a bit of me in all of them. Because I created them after all.

Note to self, do not ever annoy Mandy!! Okay, so write yourself in a novel, are you going to be a heroine or will you be villainous? What’s your name?

As I mentioned, bits of me are in all my characters. But I suppose I’d be the one who lives in the beach house on the cliff. I’d be very mysterious and reclusive. I’d probably be the baddie, but nobody would suspect me of the crime because I’m a respectable author don’t you know. And I’d be called.. Isadora. Isadora Nightingale.

This is fricking brilliant, hence forth you will be known as Isadora! I want to know what is the funniest typo you have ever written?

I never write potys. Nevr rever.

LOL, ok ok, the last question…today at least….If you were stranded on a desert island and only had access to one author’s works, whose would it be? And you can only have 1!

That’s not fair! I can’t have just one! I love Dean Koontz. He inspired me to have a go at writing. He also wrote back to me a few times. Such an amazing guy. So I suppose it would have to be him.

Oh my god! I am so not jealous of that! That is amazing! The books of his that I have read I have loved. The fact he wrote back is amazing!

Fun fact number 2 – I was a secondary school teacher for nearly sixteen years.

Thank you so much Mandy, Isadora for answering my questions! It has been fab to get to know you more!

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