It’s here! The day for a new #AuthorTakeOver. It’s Grilling Time – An Interview With Kim Nash @KimtheBookworm

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I am excited to kick off April with some tales to make you smile in this particularly dark time. I am late to the Kim Nash world, but it was worth the wait and I am glad that I have read them now!! Kim has been fantastic and has written so much for me to go alongside my reviews and it is amazing to read the journey she has gone on and I am sure you will love these as much as I have!

I had to ask Kim to be honest, not only is she an awesome author, she is the first publisher to take a chance on me when I started blogging, she talked me through blog tours and NetGalley and I can never thank her enough for this, well apart from sharing the #booklove this way! But do be warned, she has a dark side as she did become my #bookpusher along with Noelle – these temptresses!

I thought I would mix it up and start with the Q&A I managed to have with Kim! Thanks for being here and enjoy!

We will start obviously with the “serious” questions! Without dfurther ado.

Where is your favourite place to write?

A couple of years ago, I found an old writing bureau in a charity shop. I brought it home, shabby chic’d it, and put some sparkly knobs on it. It sits in the corner of my extension which is a room filled with lots of windows so it lets in lots of light. At night, it’s decorated with twinkling fairy lights.

Oh I love the sound of that! I am definitely not creative enough to shabby chic something! When do you find the time to write? (I would find a way to write every day in your corner!)

Because I work full time, I have to fit my writing in around my full time job. This is hard, because a lot of my work is computer based, so I literally some days come off one computer, move rooms (I work from home in the kitchen!) and crack on. If I didn’t start straight away, I think I’d just lounge around on the sofa binge watching box sets. I try to write in the time that my son is at his dad’s and I do love a good old writing retreat with friends where you can sit in your jimjams all day, and just emerge for food and drink.

Nothing wrong with a bit of binge watching! I need to go on a retreat like that! So……are you working on anything now? (Hint hint)

I’ve just written the first draft of Book 3. It’s about 4 women who are celebrating their 50th birthday year, who vowed when they were 21, to get together on a holiday to celebrate being 50. Obviously lots has happened during those years, and they catch up with each other properly on a holiday to The Algarve and discover their secrets to happiness.

Ok, I need this book now! I can’t wait to read it!

Right on to some “fun” questions now!

Do you have a writing Kryptonite?

Jelly beans or American hard gums, and a gorgeous scented candle.

Yeah, I can see why you would be distracted! LOL!! If, by some small chance, you happened to find a bottle with a genie in, and he would grant you three wishes, what would they be?

Right now I’d go with:

1. a huge stash of Andrex toilet rolls

2. standing on the sideline of Ollie’s football team, cheering him on

3. a new pair of slippers!

I really do think that being in this mad situation we are living in right now, will make us all truly grateful for the lives we have, the things we are able to buy and I think it will make us all rethink what normal is.

It really is a crazy time! Especially when 3 wishes are for normal things! Plus who doesn’t love a pair of slippers! If we were allowed to socialise and you were going to have some one over for dinner, who would that special someone be, and what would you cook them?

I’d invite chef James Martin and I’d make him do the cooking. I love salmon, so I’d ask him to cook me a fabulously delicious salmon dish, while I watch him and drank wine from the side of his breakfast bar.

James Martin's Saturday Morning | James Martin Chef

Think I might have to join you there – what a fab choice and I love you would get him to do the cooking!! LOL Whilst you write a lot about Prince Charming, are you like me and believe in him?

I DO believe in Prince Charming, I just haven’t found him yet.

I can’t wiat for you to meet him and then write about it!!! Ok, final question and one of my favourites! Out of Amazing Grace and Escape to Giddywell Grange, which one would like on the big screen and who would cast?

Amazing Grace will always hold a special place in my heart and I’d love to see actress Nicola Walker as Grace. My muse for Vinnie was Alex O’Loughlin (from Sky’s Hawaii 50) and Mark was Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy.

I know 2 bloggers in particular who might be loving this choice of men! I know I am! And I love Nicola!

Just thought I might enlarge those pictures a bit more!!!

Thank you so much Kim, for taking the time to answer some questions, it has been fab getting to know you a bit more!

Until next time xxx



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