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It’s Not PMS, It’s You By Rich Amooi @Richamooi #BookReview #Book14 #AuthorTakeOverIt's Not PMS, It's You by Rich Amooi
on October 31, 2019
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Ruth “Ruthless” Harper is on the verge of becoming managing partner at her all-male consulting firm and she won’t let anything stand in her way. That includes men, relationships, and that dreaded F word, FEELINGS—distractions she eliminated long ago.
After the worst day ever (a near-death experience and a public wedgie, for starters), Ruth realizes she doesn’t want to live and die alone. She puts together a business plan to find the perfect man and dives head first into the murky online dating pool. All she wants is a high-powered executive who understands how important her career is. If only it were that easy.
Problem is most men are intimidated by Ruth’s confidence and shocked by her bluntness. The exception being her landscape designer, Nick, whose cool demeanor and unsolicited dating advice are driving her nuts. He’s the antithesis of the business-oriented man Ruth envisions for herself, so why do all signs keep pointing back to him?

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This is the last of the reviews. We are now up to date with Mr Amooi, It’s Not PMS, It’s You is the most recent of his books. (Well until Just Another Silly Love Song is done!!) It has been amazing to go on this reading adventure from start to finish. I can now say I have read them ALL – I am A SUPERFAN lol.

This review I wrote on 14th November 2019, so what did I think of what is Mr Amooi’s favourite book!! No pressure!

My Review

Do we think I can get through at least one review of Amooi’s books without gushing?? Erm…that would be a big fat NO! How can I not?! If you have read my other reviews of his books you will I am constantly applauding the way he can get into a woman’s head. He just well gets its! In his latest book, it is no different! And I am so excited to be one of the bloggers to kick off the tour!!

I always get a book hangover from his books, they make me feel so happy and they are always about finding a happy medium and of course love! Again, I flew through this book, one minute I was starting the book the next I was at the end. I feel so bereft! I loved Ruth! Having to fight her way up in a man’s world is no easy feat, but she has definitely got her way and she is damn good at her job. However, when we first meet her….well she is not at her best! In a spin class, trying to navigate herself out of a wedgie! If I had been drinking my cup of tea I would have spat it out everywhere!

What we don’t realise is that damsel in distress is not one who needs saving and the very man she is saved by is the same man coming to feng shui her garden! I need me a Nick to come and sort out my garden because it sounded beautiful and well I do need my garden sorted, no other reason!

Ruth and her best friend Dee were brilliant together, I laughed at the text messages and the blind dates that Dee set Ruth on, especially when Nick turned up at one. Plus the way that Ruth wants to structure all her dates and writes a business plan type document for Dee was funny, it shows you just how out of touch she is with love. I couldn’t get through this review without mentioning one disastrous date – Barney Bagel, I couldn’t imagine a worse date and then he kept turning up! It was just comical.

I always fall in love with Amooi’s characters, they make laugh, cry and sigh. This is my happy place, lost in his world of writing! What Amooi writes are believable love stories, there is no cheese in his books. To me, this could happen in the “normal” world and I think this is why I love them so much, and always want more! I mean seriously how are his books not already movies I will never know!

What can I say that I haven’t said before, how when you are in Amooi’s world you really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It is always sunny and there is always so much love. Yeah, that has come from me, the one who loves horror more than anything, this is my light! Anytime there is a book with the name Rich Amooi on the cover, please do not talk to me I don’t want to be interrupted.

Reading this now all I have in head is Hugh Grant thinking of Nick!! Yup, another book that makes me smile and one that while I re-read this review I am still smiling!!!!

Until next time xxx

What have other reviewers said?

Goodreads Reviewer says:- There is just so much to enjoy in this book, I really loved it all. Rich Amooi is fast becoming one of my favourite rom com authors. The writing flows so well, the characters are great, and I love the dialogue. If you want to read a really amusing book, then I definitely recommend this one.

BRMaycock’s Book Blog says:- I know, I know-those of you who know me and know how much I love Mr Amooi’s book are already sighing and waiting for a gush about how fantastically amazing this book with be … Ruth showed me sides to her I loved very early on, I was thrilled that she wasn’t as tunnel visioned as I saw her to be when she had the near death experience (which was amazingly done, but, more than that, made me think ‘oh no!’ at one of Ruth’s ‘final’ thoughts) but then there was a full about turn at the, um, okay I’ll admit it was at the carousel and I found it to be a standout moment (no spoilers, no spoilers!) for Ruth for me. (I know, but read the book and you’ll get it!)

On the Shelf Reviews says:- It’s not PMS it’s you is full of dating disasters, lighthearted mayhem and plenty of aww moments that can’t help but make you smile even after you’ve finished it. After reading so much crime fiction it’s nice to read a book that is a little more light hearted…What I liked about this story was the fact that our heroine is Ruth the workaholic, obsessed with her career, in my experience this is usually the male character who’s like this. Truthfully, at first I didn’t find Ruth all that likeable, a little bit up herself to be honest, but I warmed to her as the story went along…It’s not PMS it’s you is a fun read that will give you all those warm fuzzy feelings that a good rom-com should! 

Click on the picture to see if it’s PMS or if it’s YOU

About Rich Amooi

Rich Amooi is a former radio personality who now writes romantic comedies full-time.

He is happily married to a kiss monster imported from Spain. They live in San Diego, California with their very hairy daughter, a mini golden doodle puppy.

Rich believes in public displays of affection, silliness, infinite possibilities, donuts, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.



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  1. This is the one book of his that I have read and I loved it. It is the one that had me adding his other books to my TBR, of course it was cemented with your takover posts Zoé.

    • Zoé

      Oh thank you Carla, that’s amazing to hear! This is Rich’s favourite too! I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have! X