January TBR and other updates #ZooloosBookDiary #AndThatsAWrap

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God, it has been so long since I have done one of my wrap-ups! I think I have done my last one in March 2021 maybe?! WOW! So much has happened, and I basically stopped being a good blogger. Reviews were here and there and I hadn’t shared any of your fabulous posts! You all probably know the reasons anyway but the short version….. I started my own blog tour business under the name of Zooloo’s Book Tours, I published a YA Horror book called Ouija with Question Mark Horror (A branch of Question Mark Press) and I became Communication Director at SpellBound Books. I can’t quite believe all of that! All that while working Full Time in my Accounts job, the boy moving to Aldershot with the army and home most weekends, homeschooling the mini-me during the lockdowns and somehow not losing my mind.

This year will be all change again as the boy is leaving the army and will be home permanently from February and very very soon the spare room will become my office. It is so close to being finished, just waiting for the desk, daybed and carpet and then I will share the pictures. Looking forward to making it my sanctuary.

I took Christmas off from work work and freelance work and I got back into my reading and posted reviews from June (last year) and my top books of the year. I then went a bit crazy over Christmas and bought 28 books and I got given over Christmas/Secret Santa another 22 books so I need to get my backlog cleared. Plus, well, NetGalley, it’s still out of control and in triple figures. I did get my ratio to 31% so I was happy with that!

I haven’t checked how I did on my challenges last year, but I know I never cleared any of my backlogs! Maybe one book, so this time I have sent my Goodreads challenge to 90. I have also, written down 50 of my backlog I want to clear. I would share the list but I am being so lazy LOL.

I will however share a new thing I am going to try, I have planned my January TBR and I am using something called #theangieway. You can find out more here and I also took a leaf out of her 2022 planning and did something similar. So I have planned, my January books, my tour schedule, book series to finish and start, the books I bought to read and some of the books I wanted to tackle from the tours I have organised so far.

So, here is my January reading and listening and my schedule… (Typical new book and I make a mistake *eye roll*)

So this no way dents my books but it is a start. I am also wanting to complete this challenge all about Horror books! I really want to read more horror this year and discover new authors too. This challenge was created by Elli Toney, who also created the book cover for my book, she is the place to go if you need a cover! I still need to plan this challenge but I have a few ideas 😉

So, despite all this reading and hopefully trying to keep on top of sharing everyone’s posts, what is in store this year?

Well, more tours, I already have a busy January and February is starting to fill. I have two books I want to write, one is half-written, and the other, well I need to pull my finger out. All being well, there will definitely be one more book by me out there! Well here’s hoping.

I am also getting twitchy with my blog and have a feeling it might have another facelift at some point but I will refrain. Maybe…..

Finally, I want to get my #TheHorrorWithin feature up and running again, as I have so many posts that I need to get posted especially on my features about Dolls! LOL I mean I didn’t watch so many bad films for no reason!

What do your plans look like for 2022? Have you planned your January books? xxx



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10 responses to “January TBR and other updates #ZooloosBookDiary #AndThatsAWrap

  1. Claire K

    Fab post Zoë! I’ve sort of planned January. I’ve got two blog tours to read for and two books with publication dates in the month. The rest of the choice is free and I’m with you on clearing the NG shelf down! xx

    • Zoé

      Just seen this! Ah thank you lovely! I need to get back to blogging, I have really missed it! How did you do in your January? xx

  2. Wow, you had an exciting year with lots of changes, Zoë. I tentatively plan what I want to read, but besides blog tours I have committed to, I don’t necessarily stick to it. One thing I want to do is finish some series that I have started. I hope to do at least one a month, but we shall see. Happy New Year.

  3. Good luck with all your plans Zoe, you are far more organised than me (and busier so you have to be). I’ll be concentrating on getting my tbr pile down – that’ll be hard enough for me! All the best with your plans and for the coming year xx