March it’s gone…thank god for that!! #ItsaWrap

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Wow, what a month, and a particularly scary month but a lot of learning to be taken from it. I was also really ill in the middle of the month, where I had to take time off, which I hardly do, just in case I had the virus. So I relaxed, which is unheard of, read some books and blitz Virgin River and The Stranger on NetFlix.

I did have some fun times! Before the world went crazy, I had a fab night in London as I went to see a band called Palaye Royale in Shepherds Bush, which led to an evening of beer pong after the gig and a long train ride home. I may or may not have been slightly drunk……….. It also led to my friend cracking up because she was so shocked to how a late 30 something quickly regressed into a screaming teenager as I recognised the lead singer of one of the support band!

I finally got to another Orenda book launch and caught up with so many lovely people, Jen, Mandie, Jacob and Mart, as well as the fabulous Karen. I however did not take any photos! But it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

The garden has bascially been demolished, the entire left hand side has gone, trees, bamboo and bushes. I have started to plant some stuff, it is amazing how different it looks.

Homeschooling and working have been such an experience. I have had parent guilt, but at the same time, I couldn’t ask for a better child at the moment. Normally one to drive me crazy, and she still does, but every morning we got up and she has ploughed through her work and is constantly asking me to learn French – I best get learning!

Looking forward to seeing the end of this, being able to see my family and go home, see friends and finally celebrate my birthday because at the moment it is just me and the mini one at home.

What have I read this month?

What have I bought this month? (inc Kindle Unlimited)

A VERY quiet month!

Book Post, Library, Giveaways and NetGalley

Moving swiftly on…….

What have I posted this month?

We kicked off March with a

CoverReveal of Halo by Olga Gibbs

BookReview of The Other People by CJ Tudor (Currently my Book of the year!)

CoverReveal of Prophecy : Eve of Darkness by David Ellis Overttun

BookReview of Looker by Laura Sims

BookReview of The Silent House by Nell Pattinson (Blog Tour)

BookReview of Her Broken Wings by D.K Hood (Blog Tour)

BookReview of Lemon Drizzle Mondays At The Little Duck Pond Cafe By Rosie Green (Blog Tour)

AudioBookReview of Close To Home By Cara Hunter

My Chris Merritt #AuthorTakeOver, in case you missed it,

An Introduction to Chris Merritt and a giveaway

Reshare of my BookReview of Bring Her Back

Reshare of my BookReview of Last Witness

Author Grilling Time – A Q&A with Chris Merritt

Reshare of my BookReview of Life or Death

Author in the Publisher Spotlight – A Q&A with Noelle Holten

BookReview of Knock Knock (Blog Tour)

Guest Post from Chris – How to work from home

Author Appreciation

Wow, so it was a busy month although not many reviews I had to share and even fewer Blog Tours!

April is going to be exciting with the 2, yes 2, Author TakeOvers to be done in April. More to be announced nearer the time!

How has your March been? How much did you get to read?

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8 responses to “March it’s gone…thank god for that!! #ItsaWrap

  1. You are right, it has been a very different month. I was in Florida until March 20th so am not doing my 14 days of isolation. I can’t even go out in my yard, so it has been pretty boring. Saturday, I can go out and start doing some gardening at least. Of course I have read a lot and my house is pretty clean. Hope this ends soon.