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Mr Crotchety by Rich Amooi @RichAmooi #BookReview #Book4 #AuthorTakeOverMr. Crotchety by Rich Amooi
on October 11, 2015
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Warning: May cause happiness and laughter.

Shoe store owner Roger Hudson has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore. Hiring real estate agent Sally Bright, the most-annoyingly positive woman ever, probably isn’t the smartest move but she’s the best. Her constantly bubbly nature gets under Roger’s skin but there’s an even bigger problem. She’s also getting into his heart. And don’t even get him started on her dynamite legs.

Roger doesn’t fool Sally one bit. She knows his crotchety act is as fake as her best friend’s Gucci bag. She’s dealt with his type before but selling his home is proving to be harder than she thought. Especially since she’s developing feelings for her handsome client. But just when things seem to be going in the right direction, Sally’s secret could destroy everything she worked so hard for.

It is a start of a new working week and we kick this week off with my review of Mr. Crotchety. Refreshing romantic comedy in my eyes, check out what I thought!

My Review

Seriously this book made my eyes leak a hell of a lot! This book is different for me than the others I have read, why? Because this book felt to me that it was a man story, not a woman. Yes, we get her voice but for once she is not the forefront of the book and she makes the mistake not the guy! Refreshing Mr Amooi and it works!

This time we are dealing with “older” characters (apparently but I don’t class 40/50s as old so don’t worry). Mr Crotchety, I mean Roger, runs a shoe store and he’s a grumpy, hot, old sod! His nephew Jeffrey comes to stay for the summer, writing a thesis on Roger about his unsociable behaviour. Roger, sadly lost someone to the dreaded C and since then shut himself off from having feelings or just generally being nice to people. Even on his lunch, he’s constantly irritated because he is interrupted by someone who is ALWAYS happy!! Meet Sally.

Sally, too has had a brush with the big C but in a different way. Since then she is just always happy, looks for the good in everything. She’s the best real estate agent out there and ends up becoming Mr Crotchety (!!), I mean Roger ’s estate agent, one small problem with this…well two…they develop these tricksy things called feelings but Roger has his heart set on buying the house that Sally has saved for and loved since she was a child. I mean what could go wrong?

I know I say it every time, but I smiled so much reading this book (and cried). I am not sure why but something about this book felt different from the others I have read. The pace was slower and things took their time to unfold. It was done with such ease. It’s one of the shorter books Amooi has written (according to Goodreads) and it has felt so much more concise and very driven to complete this story. I loved this one, there were no moments of cheese, I felt this was a real love story. A story of a second chance for Roger and Sally, both a bit older, both have been dealt a rough hand in life and dealt with it differently. Yet, they both want the same thing, like everybody, just to be loved for who you are.

There were moments I was crying a lot, especially in the last two chapters. God if anyone did anything like what Roger did for Sally. I would not be letting them go! I can’t say anymore other than it was magical and so so so so romantic!

Mr Crotchety made my heart sing. I devoured this book in an evening (and a 20 mins lunch break) it is such a beautiful story which also made me laugh out loud quite a bit!

Ah, I do not know what more I can say. I just loved it. Everything to me was perfect.

Until next time xxx

What have other reviewers said?

Goodreads Reviewer says:- I absolutely loved this funny, sweet and charming romance. Roger is 60 and Sally is 50, not the typical ages I usually read but I loved these characters! Roger comes across as a jerk at first but he’s such a good guy with a good heart, it’s just a little broken. I love that Sally brought out the best in Roger and she saw past the Mr.Crotchety character. This book was light and fun, it had me laughing out loud at times and I read most of this book with a big smile on my face. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an easy, fun and super sweet romance!

Amazon Reviewer says:- I liked how neither character was flawless, they each had their problems. Only too often, these problems are overlooked: thus, the characters seem superficial. For this novel, however that wasn’t the case at all. The reading was brilliant, loved the voice changes, that is talent. In the same way, I liked the writing style it was sophisticated whilst still enjoyable. I also found it interesting to have been able to see the connection develop between Sally and Roger, the fact that it wasn’t there immediately made it more authentic.

Goodreads reviewer says:- As much as I love reading chick-lit written by women, for women, it’s always refreshing to read chick-lit for women written by men. If you’ve never read any of Rich Amooi’s novels, you need to remedy that right now! His novels are always filled with love, laughter and hilarious roads to a happily ever after.‘Happiness and love have no age limit.’ I absolutely loved this story. A classic Amooi romantic comedy that will have you laughing out loud the whole way through. Filled with tragedy, life and love. Throw in an unexpected attraction and a bit of dishonesty that could ruin everything and you’ve got a great recipe for disaster. I devoured this novel quickly and can’t wait for his next one!

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About Rich Amooi

Rich Amooi is a former radio personality who now writes romantic comedies full-time.

He is happily married to a kiss monster imported from Spain. They live in San Diego, California with their very hairy daughter, a mini golden doodle puppy.

Rich believes in public displays of affection, silliness, infinite possibilities, donuts, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.

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